Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lillian is in full swing teething mode now. Last night was a little rough on her.

It's funny cause Nana has been telling me that her teeth were bothering her, but she wasn't really showing me any signs besides drooling until last night. She was good when we got home, she ate and then played in her swing talking to her sheep for a half hour or so (I just love watching this!). And of course just as dinner arrived she started screaming. Not much made her happy, the binkie worked for a second or two and then she'd cry again. I've been against using Orajel for fear of it numbing more than just her gums and tried it anyway, she HATED it! Made her cry so we put some water in the binkie and froze it, she loved it! She stopped crying right away and even smiled once it was in her mouth. Problem, it melts pretty fast, so now we have a stock of freezing binkies in the freezer.

Of course the boob also works too. She has stopped eating and was lighting sucking last night so I tried to replace the boob with a binkie, yeah she wasn't having that, she started screaming, so back in with the boob! Any other suggestions on soothing her? I gave her Tylenol before bed and she slept fine, but I don't want her taking Tylenol all day!

Swimming at Grandma's
Trying to stay cool with daddy
Funny Face...

On another note, I think my first official post pardum menstral cycle has started and man does it suck! I used to get cramps and a sore back the day of, maybe the day before, but not this time, it's been a frickin week almost! Ugh

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