Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everything Wrong and Something Right

Well last night was horrible! A little back ground of my day... I played phone tag with the bank guy most of the day and the last message he left me was "I've asked Tom (the realtor) for some more information before we move forward. I want to make sure the insurance company will accept the property before we do too much because they don't always accept it." Yeah not what I wanted to hear. Then B took it that I was ok with him going fishing because "they'd probably be back pretty early cause the kids were going". Well whatever at that point I was ticked no matter what so I just let him go.

So I picked Lillian up from the sitter and I was a little upset to see that she still had her long sleeves and pants on (it was 80 yesterday!), I had put them on over her other shorts jumper cause it was only 60 when we left in the morning., but whatever. She was very tired and kinda cranky. We stopped to see my mom on the way home cause she had called. Well while I was in with my mom the bank guy called again. Then I get home (it's not even 2 minutes away from my mom) and the dogs are jumping all over and Lillian's crying cause she's tired and hungry and I've got to pee so bad. So I leave her in her seat and go to the bathroom and send B a text asking if he let the dogs out while he was home, nope! So when I'm doing going to the bathroom I'm trying to put my milk away and the bottle she didn't drink, she's crying, I start crying and I'm trying to let the dogs out and get the message the bank guy left in case I need to call before they close. I finally sent B a text saying "Gee thanks" And told him I can't take care of everything on my own and that's why he needs to be home at night. He says he knows and he's sorry. So the night goes on, I feed her and we play a little and I get her in her exersaucer long enough to do the dishes. Now she's done with that and wants mommy. We play for about 5 minutes and she starts screaming at me, it's about 7 and time to eat again. When she's done eating we start watching Finding Nemo and I realize she's about to fall asleep so I put her jammies on her a little early. But she starts dozing off and then screaming over and over. Finally a little after 8 the gas meds start to work and I get her down and she's out. So I start making dinner and B calls "do you know who won the race." I said "No?" "Didn't you get my text?" Me, "umm, no" B "well apparently you're miserable." Me, "No, I'm ok, what time do you think you'll be home?" B "well it will be late now that I know you're in a terrible mood." I lost it, I just started bawling. He got pissed said something rude and I just said bye and hung up. After 5 minutes of bawling my eyes out I sent him a text saying "I don't know what I did to deserve that but thanks for making a rough night even worse". It really irritated me too that after telling him everything that was going on earlier he even asked me to find out who won the race. Anyway I composed myself and continued cooking dinner and he called back and apologized. He said he didn't know Lillian wasn't feeling good and wanted to know if she was ok and so on. Then he said they'd be home in a little bit. He called again around 9:30 saying they were leaving. So I ended up passing out before he got there and I didn't hear a thing all night. I woke up with a pounding headache from crying so hard last night and it won't go away. Then this morning I told him he shouldn't leave the boat propped up the way it is cause if the dogs wrap the cable around the board holding it up it could fall on them and kill them (break their back or something), but I made sure to watch them last night. He said to me "well you could have put it down last night, it's not that heavy." And this just got me upset all over again this morning!

If you're still reading, sorry for the long rant but I had to get it off my chest...

Oh and the good news is the last message from the bank was that he got the info he needed and he's confident the insurance company and bank with accept the property!

And now for something else that makes me happy...


  1. Oh my, sorry you had a bad night but the picture of Lillian is so cute, I love that outfit!!!!

  2. So sorry that B was a butthead! D was on my nerves last night too. I got home and had to feed Miles. So D made dinner but by the time that was done and we ate, it was time for bath and boob again. He wanted me to do the dishes but how could I given it was 845 already and I have to be in bed by 945? I mean I could do the dishes if his boobs could do the feeding!


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