Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Manic Monday...

First I have to start with saying CONGRATULATIONS!!! to a wonderful and deserving couple, Dawn and Al, Dawn and I began trying around the same time and it has taken her 3 IUIs and 5 IVFs to get pregnant. I'm wishing her a happy and healthy 9 months and beyond!

As for me, it's going to be a busy day, lots of things to get done. First and most importantly is to call the pediatrician. My poor little girl hasn't had a bowel movement in a week now. I wasn't really paying attention since her normal had become every two days, but when she got fussy last night and started eating less more often I thought about it and her last messy diaper was last Sunday. No wonder the poor girl is uncomfortable. I feel so bad for her, but she's such a wonderful baby that she's all smiles unless she gets in a position that makes her uncomfortable.

Talked to the pediatrician's nurse and he said to give her 4 Tbls prune juice in 4oz breast milk 4 times today. And to coninue tomorrow if she still hasn't gone. If she has gone back down to 3 Tbl in 3 bottles and then one less bottle every day until she doesn't get it any more. He also said that if she hasn't gone by tomorrow afternoon that they want to see her. So here's hoping it works!

It worked!!! She didn't like it and Nana had to trick her by switching between bottles, but she's already had a bowel movement and is much happier!

I got our portraits back from Penny's but I'm really upset because they didn't put the CD I paid for in the envelope. So now I have to call and complain about that! Also have to do other little things like call around looking for a sitter and paying the hospital bills from having my little angel!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Not the greatest quality has I had to brighten it, but I just love her expression...

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  1. Sounds like you will be busy today, I wonder can you give a baby mineral oil to help them go? As for me hopefully we get Adrionna's ceiling painted today. It's going to be over 100 today so most likely will stay indoors. I hope Lily gets some relief soon, poor girl. Let me know what the pedi says to give her, so I can just in case..


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