About Me

Since I was a child I've wanted everything.  A good career, a family, a nice house in a nice neighborhood.  The only think I got was a family.  Which I would be so happy with if everything else didn't seem so crappy some times.

In 2003 I had a summer fling met my husband during my summer break from college between my sophomore and junior years.  During my summer break between my junior and senior years we moved in together due to some unfortunate circumstances with my family (I could have a whole separate blog for that).  In 2006 he proposed and in 2007 we were married.  During our honeymoon I ran out of birth control.  I was almost 2 weeks late the next month and we thought we may have had an oopsie.  Turned out it was just my cycle getting back on track, but the disappointment made us realize we wanted to start trying.  In January 2008 I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks and thus began Dreaming of Baby.

Other information you might like to know...

I hate my job, I have a bachelor's degree in engineering, my two worst classes in school were thermal dynamics and fluids, guess what, I work as an engineer in the filter industry.  Yup right in the heart of the classes I hated.  Of course I suppose it is still a good career even if I do hate it.

My dream is to work from home!  Yeah I know who's isn't, but I've got a start, I have my own Etsy shop, check it out!

My house, while not what I dreamed of is really isn't that bad either. It has a huge yard for Lillian and the dogs to run and play and I love my new little garden.

Anything else you want to know, just ask!