Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Survived

That's right, Lillian is now 1 Year 5 days old and I am still alive! 

Yesterday was her 1 year well child visit and all I can say is that her daddy will be taking her to her 2 year appointment.  Watching her get shots is bad enough, but watching her get her blood drawn was terrible for me.  I don't even like to see adults get needles.  Anyway..

21 lb 4 oz
29.75 inches

Both are average and right on track.  Doctor said she's perfect and well taken care of.

Now for the fun stuff... her birthday party.  It was supposed to be 70 that day, but between the clouds and the wind it certainly didn't feel it.  She only took a half hour nap that morning so I was afraid she was going to be very cranky, but she did well.  We ended up with 50 people attending and everyone said they had fun.  Pictures are below!
 This is my favorite picture

And I love this one of her playing with her Tutu

The only photo us that I like
She wanted to use this sippy immediately!
She was really into opening her presents...

 Lillian's cake!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Girl

The Ticker on the Right

You see that ticker on the right?  The one that as of right now says "Its 3 days until Lillian's first Birthday"

Well it has me all sorts of anxious.  I love seeing her grow up and learn new things and I can't even express how proud of her I am, but I'm also sad that she will no longer be a baby.  She is going to be my toddler.  Its funny that I love each stage as she grows, but I miss the ones before more and more.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Way Too Long

It was brought to my attention this morning that I haven't posted on here is SEVERAL months!

Lillian is going to be 1 year old in 11 days!!!  I can't believe how big she is getting. 

Current words:

And yes these are words that she uses in and the proper context.  Every time she hears the phone ring or we are talking on it she is saying "Hi, Hi, Hi..."  Baby comes out more like "bay-bay" but she loves her baby and loves to wash it's face and give it a bottle.  And well she just loves telling us what the ball is cause she's so proud of herself.

On Saturday she took her first 2 steps.  She's very caucious though.  She's been standing on her own for probably a month now.

She has 5 teeth as of Friday the 9th.  And her two I teeth are right there getting ready to poke through.  She currently eats all adult food besides the toddler snacks she gets.  Pizza and spaghetti are her favorites.  I found if I give her whole pieces of things like pizza, rather than cutting it up she is less likely to choke herself.  She has a tendency to shove as many pieces in her mouth as she can if I cut things up, so I stopped.

She hasn't had a bottle in over a month now.  I am still breastfeeding her every morning, but besides that she gets sippy cups.  With every meal and some times in between she gets a cup with a mixture of breastmilk and whole milk and seems to be doing fine with it.

I'm so proud of her and can't believe how grown up she seems!  I know these aren't the most recent, but these are the latests pictures I have on this computer...

This is her and her best friend.  Some days she refuses to nap without him!

She fell asleep on him during a walk with the sitter.

Once again she was cuddling with her best friend

And here's my happy little munchkin!