Friday, January 30, 2009

27 Weeks

I'm in my last week of the 2nd trimester and so excited about it!!! This may sound strange, but the weeks seem to be flying by while the 2nd trimester seems like it's been forever! Only 13 weeks left. I told B that last night and he said "I remember when we were only 13 weeks in and still worried!" I'm so glad to be here!

I had the VP of my department ask me the other day "Are you getting to the point where you just want it over yet?" I actually had to ponder this question. My response was "I have my days, but I've been told I'm getting close to that point." And I think that is exactly where I stand. I won't lie, I have my days when I just can't wait for it to be over, or at least my moments, like now when my hip hurts and my back aches and I can't get comfortable and I'm over-tired from lack of sleep. But thankfully I still have my good days when I feel great and 3 exciting showers to look forward to!

This is where I would normally leave you with my beautiful belly shots, but my internet at home wasn't working this morning so I couldn't upload the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow morning!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleep dependancy

OK, so I've had this problem since way before I became pregnant. I have a really hard time sleeping when B isn't in bed with me. Even if he's just out in the living room watching TV, if he's out there more than an hour I tend to wake up. And when he's actually out it's even worse.
So last night B went to work on his buddy's at 6, it was only supposed to take a few hours, 3 tops. So at 9:30 when I woke up the first time I sent him a text asking when he was coming home. He said they'd just gotten the part off and were starting to put the new one on. Well 3 hours turned into 9 and he didn't get home until 3am!!! So I was up at 9:30, 11, 12:30, 1:30, and again at 2:30 until he got home. And then it was 3:30 before I fell back asleep. Guess what time my alarm went off... 5am!!! I'm frickin exhausted and to top it off the pants I'm wearing today are extremely uncomfortable while sitting. They feel fine when I stand, but they get too tight on baby girl when I'm sitting. I'm so miserable I really just want to go home and go to bed!
Does anyone else have trouble sleeping when DH isn't around?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decision Made!

I've made the decision to no longer post when I have wonderful days of feeling Lillian move a lot. It seems that each time I post about how "she was so active today" she decides to send mommy into a tizzy.

Last time I posted that was a few days ago and guess what, it was followed by the last two days of Miss Lillian (wow that sounds like a teacher) barely moving at all. Last night after eating dinner and drinking a caffeinated soda she kicked a whole 2 times, and that wasn't until I started pressing on my belly. She normally goes nuts after I eat. So this morning I was very grateful that I didn't send back my doppler like I was going to! It took me a few minutes but I finally found her hb hiding on my left side. What a relief that was for me. And on the way in to work this morning I had a little chat with her. Hopefully she stops worrying mommy for a few days now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Productive Weekend

We didn't really do much, but got things done all at the same time. I know it sounds weird, but hey that's what happens when your baby eats your brain!

Friday night we went to B's cousin's JV basketball game. It was fun and a cheep way to have some entertainment on a Friday night.

Saturday I was up at 6!!! Yup that's right, 6am. I guess going to be early Friday night wasn't the greatest idea, but I got a lot of needed rest. I pretty much sat around all day working on the bunting I'm making. I did take a break for a little while and pound some nails out of the molding in Lillian's room and I ran to Wal.Mart to get some more tape so B could start painting. Which I'm happy to say he started in the afternoon. After watching basketball all day we rented Wall E. From what I've seen it's cute, but I didn't manage to finish it. Apparently staying up from 6am to 11pm is not in the cards for me anymore!

And Yesterday was great! Besides getting up at 3am to let the dogs out, I managed to sleep until 8! When I got up I made amazing French Toast, did the dishes and then started working on cleaning the fish tanks and laundry. Of course I only worked on this during the commercials in the movies that we watched all day because the work was making me tired. But I got the fish bowls cleaned, the laundry done (including the bed sheets), dusted the entertainment center, cleaned the coffee maker and did my nails!!! And to top it off I was asleep just after 9!

B has done a great job on Lillian's room. One wall needs a second coat. The closet needs to be painted and the trim and then just some touch ups and it'll be done! I'm so excited, I just know I'm going to get home from work one night this week and he's going to have the crib set up. All I kept thinking yesterday when I walked in there was "I can't believe we're going to have a little girl in here soon!"

Hope everyone has a great week! I'll post pictures when the painting is done!

Friday, January 23, 2009

26 Weeks and a Meme

Well today is 26 weeks and there is only 14 more to go! Not much to really update besides I'm so close to the 3rd trimester I can taste it and Lillian has become quite active. Only taking half hour naps here and there. Besides everything else I've talked about this week, not much going on. So here's my pics from this morning. . .

Now for a Meme that Beautiful Mess tagged me for a few days ago. This one really took some thought!

The honorees of this award are to:
A) List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

1 ~ I was up at 3 this morning thinking about this Meme. Sad I know, but it's really hard to think of 10 things I want to share with the internet world with the worry that some day one of my real life friends will find this and look at me like I'm crazy.

2 ~ I'm scared to death of being a mother to a teenage daughter! I know I can handle a baby, but I'm so afraid I'm going to turn her into a little princess that acts like those kids you see on Nanny 911! Not to mention I know my husband is not the best with discipline.

3 ~ Some times I feel bad because I feel closer to my MIL than I do my mother. This is hard for me because growing up my mother was a mother and a best friend all in one. I've always been close with her, but she's changed since she left her ex-husband (which I encouraged her to do) and has become really selfish. She once said to my sister and I "It's not my fault your fathers treated me like crap. I'm living life for me now!" I understand she needs to make herself happy, but there is a difference between that and being a selfish bitch. (No she's not a selfish bitch all the time, but basically if something doesn't suit her needs she doesn't do it)

4 ~ My sister and I have two different fathers and we raised in two totally different ways, even though it was our mother who raised us! We are actually 7 years apart and we both hate it. We get along great now though and are working on getting closer again. She was just entering high school when I went off to college and then she graduated just a few years after I came home from college so now she's gone. But she's so happy she should be home in time for Lillian's arrival!

5 ~ I just edited this post because all the numbers were bunched together and I realized I totally missed number 5!!! I swear my daughter is eating my brain!

6 ~ I don't think B and I would have ever been friends in high school or even gotten married if it hadn't been for my mother's divorce from her ex-husband (my sister's dad). When they were going through their divorce my mom and sister moved into a two bedroom condo. B started staying on the couch there a few weeks before I came home from college for summer break and there wasn't room for us so we had to get an apartment. I think having the responsibility of bills in my name made it harder for me to give up in the rough times.

7 ~ I sucked my thumb until I was in the 5th grade! And the even funnier part is that I didn't even start until I was 3! My mom tried everything. The hot pepper sauce stuff and even a guard the dentist put in the top of my mouth, yeah that didn't work either. But they had to take a mold of my teeth to fit it up and I puked all over my aunt when she did it.

8 ~ I've suffered from depression for most of my life, but I now refuse to take medication for it as last time I was on medication was the only time I ever thought of killing myself. It's been 4 years now and thankfully my husband is wonderful at recognizing when it's starting and helps me cope so it doesn't get soo bad. I will be going on meds after Lillian is born to ward of PPD, but that's only for my daughter's sake!

9 ~ I still sleep with the stuffed animal I've had since I was a year old! Yes I know kinda strange. Yes I took it to college with me and yes I literally cuddle with it still. B even makes sure I have him when I go to bed. I honestly don't know if I'll ever grow out of it, but B thinks it's cute.

10 ~ Besides my husband I have a girlfriend, and we've been together for 7 years now! Ok, so not a girlfriend in the sense that we're lesbians. Our freshman year in college we became best friends and she had just started dating this guy at school. Well we were talking about something and one of said we were girlfriends. His eyes got huge cause we did share a room. So from then on we called each other our girlfriends. It was great when we'd go to bars and some creepy guy would hit on us cause we'd just say I don't think my girlfriend would like me talking to you. Worked like a charm. And to this day we still refer to each other as girlfriends and when she lived with us even B would say he's the luckiest man on earth having me and my girlfriend, but he just wished we'd let him watch.

OK, so I hope that wasn't too boring for you! I'm not into tagging others so if you want to do it feel free!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Double Digits!

First thing first... I want everyone to send my friend Dawn the best of luck! She had her first Transfer today after her 3rd retrieval. I've got everything crossed for you and I'm sending you all the sticky baby dust I have left!

As for exciting news for me, if Lillian arrives on time I only have 99 days left!!! I can't believe I'm in the double digits.

Also in exciting news, I went and picked up the paint for her room after work yesterday, and B did all the priming yesterday afternoon! I'm so excited. B is going to work on painting this weekend! Of course I can't help because the smell is just too much for me, but I think B is actually glad because that means he's doing something by himself for her. He was actually teasing me last night cause I can't help and he gets to do it all! I have to say I found it cute.

And boy has she been active. 4 this morning she was having a little dance party in there I think and she pretty much hasn't stopped squirming off and on since then, it's been almost 4 hours!

I've definitely lost all memory that I had. Last night while at the grocery store the one thing B actually said he needed was sugar. What did I forget? Yup, you guessed it, Sugar! And then this morning he was getting in the shower as I was getting ready to leave and he asked me to please leave him money on the table for lunch, and what did I forget to do? Right again, leave money on the table for his lunch. And when did I remember? As I was pulling into my parking lot at work! Good thing he's working close today so that we can meet up for lunch if we have to.

I don't think there is much else going on. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally Took Pictures

So I finally took pictures of a bunch of the stuff I have for Lillian! Let me know what you think...

This is the bassinet that was given to us by my dad and step-mom. It was actually used for 9 weeks, but it's in great condition and currently filled with a bunch of Lillian's things.

Here's her stroller. I don't have the infant car seat yet, but we're getting the Graco SnugRide that fits in it. There are two things that I don't like that I didn't know about before ordering it. The adjustable back is only done using a strap, it doesn't have a lever or locking mechanism. And it's harder to fold up than anticipated. That may get easier with use though.

These are some outfits I've bought for her. I spent way too much on the one on the left, but I just couldn't resist. I loved it and there was only one left that she may be able to wear before the cold get here. The other outfits were no more than $5 a piece.

Here are some other outfits. The one in the center is a 4pc outfit that was only $5 and the one on the right was given to us by B's boss and his wife. The onsies says "sugar and spice and everything nice".

These are the bibs we have so far. As you can tell, she has lots of grandparents! 10 to be exact, counting great grand parents. And the blanket on the bottom matches the bedding we've picked out.

These are the gifts made with love that she's received so far. My grandma made the sweater, hat and bootie sets and my sister made the pillow and blanket set. This little girl is already so loved!

This is a close up of the buttons on the white sweater set the my grandmother made. I just love them, they're Peter Rabbit! I'm thinking she may wear this sweater home from the hospital.

That's about it for now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O What a Night...

Last night was so nice. I got home from work and B had gotten some of the stuff done around the house I had asked him to. One of the major things sorting out his clothes! He only got half way done, but hey at least it's started. I finalized my paint selection so probably tomorrow on my way home from work I'll be stopping to pick that up so B can start painting! Then we relaxed on the couch for a little while together and looked at different closet organizer options. We have to combine two closest into one! Right now is the time I wish I was in my own house so that I wasn't wasting money on organizational stuff. But I'm sure if I leave it when we move out all I'll have to do is show the land lord the receipt and he'll give up the money for it. Oh well. Then B made dinner and I moved to the recliner to relax and work on some crocheting. When dinner was ready B served me! It was so sweet, and he even served me seconds! Then I watched the first half of the Syracuse game until I could no longer hold my eyes open.

But of course when I head to bed (even though I'd be relaxing all evening) is when baby girl decided she wants to play. I lay there for an hour while she kicked from every direction. I'd roll over and she'd start kicking the other side! Eventually I was able to fall asleep, but after an hour my mother calls B! It was 10 frickin 30, what was she thinking? And of course B had just come to bed so he laid there for a few minutes talking to her until he realized I was getting annoyed. I don't understand why no one calls all night, but then 9:30, 10 hits and they start calling. What's wrong with these people, they all know I'm pregnant and that I go to bed at 8!!!

Anyway, I'm now feeling surprisingly good today now that I'm over the "I don't want to get out of bed" stage.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Making Progress and Conversations

Well we've made quite a bit of progress (in my eyes) on Lillian's room since Friday. My closet is no longer in there. Currently my clothes that are still on hangers are laid over a bin of clothes to be stored until my belly is back to a manageable size. My shoes are in a bin and ready to be placed under my bed for easier storage and the only things in her room are hers. I even picked out the paint colors! And B was so proud of his progress on Thursday that he was taking pictures of the before and after he cleaned it out. Now I just need to get him to clean the basement and our bedroom. Especially his closet (that is going to become our closet). He has clothes flippin every where. On top of the dog cage in our room, a dresser full, hanging in the closet, on the shelf in the closet and all over his closet floor. That doesn't count the crap he has stored in bins all over. Which I don't know why he needs them all. He yells at me all the time for having to much crap and why am I keeping this or that. I swear the man has clothes he hasn't warn in two years!

And as for conversations, I had to have a little talk with him about a nasty habit. I'm not talking about smoking or chewing or anything like that, I'm talking about his Al Bundie habit of sitting around with his hands in his pants! Ugh it grosses me out and it's bothered me for years, but he always take my comments as a joke. Well this weekend one morning he gets up goes to the couch and takes the "Al Position" I finally tell him besides his potty mouth we have another habit he needs to work on. Putting his hands down his pants. He just kind of laughs so I told him I'm serious because I don't want him touching our little girl after he's had his hands down there. He says "I'll be sure to wash them first." But I don't know if I believe it. Its such a habit he doesn't even notice he's doing it. Just like using the F word. He carried on a whole conversation with his buddy using the F word like every other word and then later yelled at me for using it when I cut myself. I said and what about you? He said he hadn't used it all day. I just laughed and when I reminded him of talking to his friend he just blushed and shut up.

I just keep reminding him and he keeps trying. He says "I don't mind you yelling at me cause it's only cause you love me and our daughter." So at least he understand (most of the time).

Friday, January 16, 2009

25 Weeks...

Time is flying now!!! There is just so much to do and so little time. Last night when I got home I made my grocery list and after throwing a fit because B was still out ice fishing (even though it was after dark) instead of home with me to go grocery shopping and to dinner. I decided that I wasn't going any where because it was going to be too late by the time I got home. So I started cleaning out my dressers and getting rid of clothes. I have one small 4 drawer dresser that basically has my summer clothes in it and I have one huge dresser with 5 drawers (hand made by grandpa!) plus the closet in Lillian's room full of clothes. And of course right now I only wear the clothes in one drawer and hanging on the curtain rod on the outside of the closet. Well, I completely emptied the smaller dresser and put a HUGE dent in the crap that was in the large dresser. I even got half way through the closet before my back insisted it was time to stop. I have to say it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be given that I can't wear most of it right now. I basically made 4 piles, stuff that I would still buy at the store so it's going in a bin to look at again after Lillian's born, stuff I wouldn't buy so it's going to the Salvation Army, stuff that's too stained or has holes to be thrown away and stuff that I wear (I guess you didn't need to know all that, but there you have it).
I have to say I'm very worried about my weight gain. I gain another 4lbs this week and I find it disgusting. I just don't know what I'm doing differently than I was the weeks where I didn't gain anything. I don't think a few hours of walking one a week makes a 4lb difference. I don't know if I should call the doc or not cause my books say if you gain more than 4lbs in a week you should call. So I'm giving it one more week. I sent B to the grocery store this morning with a bunch of healthy things on it to see if that works. But based on the last few months I don't really think it's going to. I just know I have to do something.

My lower legs are still swelling and I'm slowly losing my ankles. This is to be expected, but I thought it would come later, oh well. I also have a perspiration problem at night. I wake 3 or 5 times to go to the bathroom and I've soaked with sweat. I mean SOAKED, like my clothes and everything. But I go to bed at a normal temp and when I wake up in the morning I'm a normal temp. I just don't get it. I even tried sleeping with just my undies on the other night and it didn't work. Freezing when I went to bed and freezing when I woke up in the morning, but sweat all night. Anyone else experience this?

All in all I actually can't complain, well I can complain, but don't really want to. I wanted this so bad and it's all totally worth it!!! I hope the above doesn't sound like complaining, cause I'm not, just giving the facts of what's going on.
I wish all my infertile friends the best of luck! Especially Dawn, who goes for her 3rd retrieval today!
And Here's what you've been waiting for (or not)...

Not much change from last week except my uterus may be a little higher, or is that the 4lbs I gained? Don't mind the miserable face, I just came in from the 0 degree weather!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally Done

So I pretty much spent my last 6.5 hours at work changing my blog, what do you think? There really isn't too much going on.

I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day and it's driving me nuts. I think my uterus is about to my ribs cause it's getting to the point where if my back isn't straight I get this very uncomfortable feeling under my ribs.

I had some noticeable Braxton Hicks this morning. It was strange seeing my belly contract a little and barely be able to feel it.

Tuesday night was the first night that Lillian actually kept me up kicking. But last night I was so exhausted I was able to get a good 10 hours of sleep and let me just say I really needed it!

I told B today that I want to have her room ready to paint by the end of the weekend. I realized this morning that I only have 15 weeks until my due date. Which is a decent amount of time if you are doing things during the week too, but we aren't. So that means I have a total of 30 days left to get things done. And that doesn't count any days that we go somewhere. So we actually have less than 30 days because I'm sure we won't spend all day home all weekend for the next 15 weekends.

Why is it that some women think they know how big you should be? I personally don't think I'm huge for 6 months. Granted I was about this size a month ago and thought I was, but now that I'm 6 months I think I look ok. So I'm in the bathroom after lunch today and the lady says

Lady: So when are you due?
Me: May 1st.
Lady: Oh, you have a ways to go then.
Me: Yeah I've still got a while.
Lady: Are you having twins
Me: Nope, just one.
Lady: Sheepishly goes back to washing her hands.

I'll post new belly pics tomorrow!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Weekend

Well this was an up and down weekend for me. I had a hard time with my emotions, ranging from being jealous of B to not knowing why I was crying! It's very frustrating. I also had my moments of frustration and feeling good about myself. This rollercoaster is probaby only going to get worse, but I'm ready to get off.

Saturday morning I got mad at B (without him even being there or me having proof) because of the possibility that he did something that would really hurt my feelings, yup, made me cry while he was sleeping!

Then he made me cry again (for something that isn't his fault) when he got up. He wanted to sledding with his buddy and the kids, but I was upset 1) because I love sledding, but can't go because of my current state (it's dangerous) and 2) can't go even if it wasn't dangerous because I have to clean out the basement so we can get working on Lillian's room. He was talking about going and I just started crying becaue I didn't want to be stuck home by myself cleaning while he was out having fun. He said I didn't have to clean, we could do whatever I wanted cause I work all week and deserve to have fun too, but the problem is that I have no other time to get the cleaning crap out of the way. I'm way too tired when I get home at night.

So after getting all the Christmas stuff taken care of I proceeded to the basement where I went through 4 bug totes of crap and emptied 2 of them! Things were much better in the evening when we went to my mom's for dinner and to watch the Syracuse game. I was happy go lucky and we had a lot of laughs!

But then again Sunday morning I was all tears again. And I really don't know why. I did manage to get myself to work on cleaning out more totes and I am now down to just one tote and some old boxes left! I'm so excited to get this crap out of my house!!!

But frustration set in when B and I got in a little tiff about the heat setting in the apartment. He's sitting there in sweats and a Tshirt and wants to turn the heat up cause he's cold so I told him to put on a sweatshirt. Especially being I was wearing the same thing and was hot. He got mad. So I took a nice warm bath to try and relax, and figured why I'm in here why not shave, well that way a bad idea. Apparently I can no longer do this on my own! But the rest of my shower was ok. As always after I shower I went into the bedroom to put on my coco butter. Not only are my lower legs swollen, but it has become very tiring to put lotion on them. Again this made me cry out of pure frustration!

We then went to my MIL's and things were fine. We had fun and we joked and laughed and the rest of the night was fine. But I find myself trying to fight the exhaustion at night and I don't think it's good, but I hate going to bed alone. It's not really fair of me to ask B to go to bed early though just because I'm tired. UGH.

I hope this week is better!

Friday, January 9, 2009

24 Weeks, Appointment, Pictures...

This could get long. I did call the OB about the pains I was having on Wednesday and the nurse told me it was dehydration. I didn't agree, but let it slide, I was feeling better and had an appointment on Thursday anyway.
At my appointment we talked about my pains on Thursday and well, I was right, I wasn't dehydrated, but it was strong round ligament pain and resting was probably good. I also mentioned to her that my underwear has been damp today but I haven't noticed any discharge when wiping so she did an internal and everything is fine, just a little bacteria. She also told me that my due date was changed from May 1 to May 5 based on my 20 week u/s. Then she measured me, and I'm measuring big at 27! This surprised her, especially being that Lilly was measuring 4 days less at the u/s so she immediately said I'm ordering an u/s to check fluids and everything. So guess what, I got an u/s too and I'm so glad I said I'd stay and do it right after the appointment because the tech wasn't busy so she did a lot of playing around with the 3d and she printed me 9 pictures! the 3d ones didn't turn out great, but I can't wait to share them with you none the less. She actually cute the pictures up for me and had me put them in my purse cause she isn't supposed to use that much paper on one patient. She also said she still stands by her being a girl and I definitely am convinced I'm pretty sure I saw the 3 lines. And I actually got to see her sucking her thumb again. She didn't really want her picture taken though cause she kept putting her hands in from of her face. The tech also said she weighs 1.5lbs, in the 64th% which is great! So I'm very happy.
In the next week I'll be making an appointment for a hospital tour, I'm pretty excited about that. And I also plan on working on Lilly's room this weekend so maybe I can get some more pictures up.
I'll leave you with these...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Amazing Few Days

Well the last few days have been amazing...

Monday afternoon I got to see our little girl kick for the first time. I just couldn't believe it when I looked down and my belly kept popping. I tried to get her to do it so B could see, but of course she wouldn't. She will soon though.

And last night was my first pregnancy massage. It was pretty good, but I think I had these great expectations and it wasn't it. But it also wasn't a spa or anything, it was just a place where a girl does massages. Don't get me wrong, it was great and relaxing, but I had this image of feeling... well, I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, my muscles do feel better.

But this morning I'm feeling like crap, I'm in lots of pain! My lower abdomin is insanely sore and I don't know why. It hurts to sit, stand, walk and even when she moves it sore. I don't know what to do. I have an appointment tomorrow so I don't know if it's really worth bothering the Dr. with today.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh My Aching...

HIPS!!! Holy crap, I woke up yesterday morning about in tears! Saturday I went to the mall with my sister for a few hours and walked around, but sat any time I felt tired. My hip started to ache a little before we left, but felt fine on the way home (an hour drive). When I got home it was ok, but progressively got worse. Then in the middle of the night both hips were sore. When I woke up in the morning I had to get out of bed right away cause they were so sore. B was wonderful and drew a nice warm bath for me. That seemed to help until I got out. We later went to my MIL to watch the NFL Playoff games and let me say it was torture. Not the games, but sitting around. After a while I got up and walked around. I don't even know how many miles I put on walking around the kitchen/dining room/living room. Thank god it's all one big room. Today so far isn't too bad, but my hip is already starting to ache and I've only been sitting here for 40 minutes. I really hope I can take care of this by doing some yoga!

Not much else really going on. I'm back to work this week and wishing I wasn't, but at the same time I'm glad cause I really wasn't getting much done at home. And with me being at home B wasn't getting much done either. Hopefully now that I'm back to work he can get the basement cleaned out so we can start painting Lilly's room!

Friday, January 2, 2009

23 Weeks

First I want to give a big Congratulations to Antigone! After a very long year she had her little boy yesterday! There couldn't have been a better way to start the year.
As for me, I'm now 23 weeks and can't believe it. I think she finally moved up in my belly some and it's weird getting used to her new kicking locations. And of course she enjoys waking up just as mommy wants to sleep, no matter what time I lay down. I suppose I may as well get used to it cause it probably won't change much over the next year.
Speaking of the next year, I don't plan on posting a bunch of resolutions cause honestly I never think about them for more than a week. But plans I have for the next year are as follows:
~ Continue with my non-smoking. I haven't had a drag since I found out I was pregnant over 4 months ago and have learned that I can calm myself in other ways.
~ Create the best home possible for my little girl, both in the womb and out. She's everything to me now and that will never change.
And that's pretty much it, those are the two things that are most important to me, and I have to say that the first one pretty much falls into the second one.
Now for my pictures from this morning... sorry its kinda dark, I really need to move the mirror...

Oh yeah, the first one is last weeks and the second is this weeks. I have to say that I'm a little upset that I have already gained 23lbs, but I think I have that under control now. Only 1.5 lb in the last week. As long as I get one good day of walking in ( I like to go to the mall ) I seem to manage the weight just fine.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Maybe I'll get around to taking some pics of Lilly's new stuff and post them!