Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 18 Happenings

Things really haven't been that exciting lately. I've mostly not been feeling overly social and my brain has been on vacation, therefore I haven't been blogging the way I normally do. Last week I was feeling quite weak. You that feeling like you just worked out so long your body feels like jello and you can't even lift your arms, yeah that's how I was feeling.
Thanksgiving was pretty good. We only ended up going to 3 of our 4 stops. It was nice though. I love seeing my family, and B's family. Plus I think I looked pretty cute...

OK, maybe not so much in the picture. For some reason B can't take a picture in a timely manner and I get frustrated. Then yesterday I took my 18 week belly picture.
Today was a sad morning. I had to say goodbye to my grandparents again. They are heading home again until the baby is born. I miss them so much when they're gone. On the exciting side I have to get the dresser/changing table design I want to my Grandfather so he can start working on it.
Well on top of that I need to get working on some Christmas presents, and prepare for tomorrows Buffalo Bills game!!! Yes we are going to the game, as crazy as that sounds! I'm really hoping I have fun. I'm a little worried about getting there 3 hours before the game and being cold. I think in the past the amount of beer I consumed helped with my body temperature. Oh well, we should have fun!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Oh and PS, we've decided on the crib with the scrolling. I hope we can get it soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Trying

Not to be so miserable today, but I just can't help it. Friday and Saturday were so great, yesterday was ok, and today I'm just miserable.
Friday night my nephew spent the night at our house along with Mono's (they guy staying with us) son and daughter. Saturday morning B too Bubby (my nephew) out hunting with him. Bubby is 9 and just loved it. He looked so cute wearing this bright orange hoodie that went almost to his ankles. He got to see 3 deer and was so excited. I went to breakfast with my grandparents. And when I came home Mono says to me "Wow, you're looking pregnant today." In a weird way it made me feel good. In the afternoon my grandparents came back to visit. They brought some wonderful baby gifts. I'll have to take some pictures. She made the cutest little sweater with bonnet and booties. I watched some movies, and we went crib shopping when B got back from hunting. It was a great trip! My mom and her fiance went with us. We had dinner first and then off to Burlington Coat Factory. Let me just say I think their collection is amazing! This is what we're looking at...

The one with the scroll design is the one that B likes and we've seen in person. I'm partial to the one without the scroll, but I have to call a store and see if they have it on the showroom floor. I want to make sure we aren't driving 2 hours for nothing. And if not I'll ask them the important questions like what wood it's made out of and so on. They are made by the same company so I'm not worried about quality being an issue.
And B was so sweet all that night, hugging and kissing and rubbing my belly. I love it when we have nights like that. He doesn't show much emotion in public.
Yesterday was a good day for the most part. I hated being home all morning alone, except I got to watch Christmas movies so that was nice. Then the Bills won!!! We really needed that. After the game we went to my FIL's, its always nice to visit with them for a while. And we went home and basically went to bed. But I wasn't feeling well. It started out with some shooting pains in my stomach and then it became that terrible nauseating feeling. You know where your stomach just doesn't feel right and you have that gagging feeling in the back of your throat. So I couldn't fall asleep and that feeling is still here this morning.
And on top of that my house is a mess. I refuse to clean all day while B is out hunting. There is no reason he should get to "play" all weekend while I'm home cleaning. So as a result my kitchen is an absolute disaster and I'm upset about it. Not saying that I couldn't have cleaned it, but I shouldn't have had to!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Week Down!

I can't believe it, 17 Weeks! I love how the baby looks this week, all curled up and cozy. I wish that's what I was right now, but oh well. Last night I basically had another nervous break down wondering how on earth we are going to pay for this baby. I call the insurance company last night to ask some specific questions about my plan and basically it covers nothing but part of the cost of delivery. I still have a $200 deductible to pay until January 1st before they pay for anything, and then January 1st my deductible renews to $225. After that I pay 10% of the bill. Except for the delivery. I have to pay $250 for that (even if I've met my deductible) and then 10% of the rest of the bill. I know this really isn't that bad compared to most, but it's still a shock to know that by may I have to have an extra $500+. Not to mention the furniture and what not. I've never been one to ask my family for money so I just don't know what to do.
I think tomorrow we are going to go furniture shopping now that we have a good idea of what we want. I'm going to see if my mom will come with me so she can help us decide. B just won't make a big decision like that and well I'm just indecisive.

And now for what you've been waiting for...

Don't mind the evil look in the first one. I swear it too B 5 minutes to take that picture and I just couldn't hold the smile any longer!
Thanks to everyone who's voted so far. If you haven't, you still have time!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Well now that we have a date for the u/s I've added a poll at the top of my sidebar to see what everyone thinks I'm having. I'll post weekly pics of my belly for those of you who like to guess based on that. Plus it's a count down to how many days til my u/s!

Last night we went and saw Madagascar 2. It was cute and nice to spend an evening with DH with no calls from his buddies and his complete attention for a few hours. Not that he doesn't give me attention at home, but some times I think I married a girl. Him and his buddies can't go two hours without talking to each other and knowing what the others are doing.

Not much else to report. I wish it was Friday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We have a date!

Besides having to wait, which felt like forever but wasn't really that long, my appointment went great yesterday! My blood pressure was good, and according to their scale I lost a pound. I asked about omega-3 supplements and she said she isn't overly convinced of the affects on the baby, but I personally think it works. My SIL took it and my nephew is unbelievably smart. He was 4 years old explaining to his grandpa about how the batteries made his train work! So I think I'm going to start taking it, I figure it isn't going to hurt.

At the end of the appointment she always checks the heartbeat. So I lay back and she feels on my belly and my uterus is just and inch or so below my belly button so she puts the jelly on a little lower than that. No heartbeat, she moves down a little lower, no heartbeat, she says "pull your pants down a little farther", and there it is! She says "Your little one is still sitting on your bladder." with a little chuckle of course. And yes I knew that, I can tell when it moves off and back on cause well, I can wait longer in between bathroom trips. Apparently its comfortable there so who and I to complain.

And lastly she said to come back in 3 weeks! I was so happy she didn't say 4!!! So Dec. 9th we should be finding out what sex this little one is! I'm so excited the receptionist said the u/s takes about an hour, I can't wait to watch my baby for that long!

In painful news, I got my blood drawn for the quad screening. B didn't really want me to, but said he understands I'm a planner and I'd want to be prepared. But being that I hadn't made up my mind while at the OB office I don't even know when I'm getting the results back, which is good cause it's actually keeping me from worrying. And I have bladder issues. When I'm over tired and don't wake up at my normal time in the night to go to the bathroom I wake up later. And the problem with that is that it's pain that wakes me up. I'll roll over and try and curl up and the pressure of my legs coming up cause major cramping, like to the point I wanted to cry, I didn't even feel like I had to go to the bathroom cause it hurt so bad. But then I realized how long it had been and once I got over the pain of sitting up and then to the bathroom I was relieved. It was really scary at first though. I didn't know what was going on.

So I think that's it for now. I'm really glad that Thanksgiving is between now and my u/s. It will give me enough distraction.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lets Try again

So yesterday B picked me up for my appointment and we had some extra time so we decided to go visit my mom for a few minutes. Well I left my purse (including the phone in it) in the car. So we get to my OB office and I check in at the window. The receptionist says "Oh Brandi, we tried to call you. MaryLou had an emergency at the hospital and had to leave. We'll have to reschedule your appointment." Of course! So now my appointment is at 11 this morning. Poor B was so upset. I told him it wasn't going to be anything special. But he didn't care, he said "I still want to know everything she has to say." Which made me feel good because there have been times when I wondered if he cared at all.

So not much to tell this morning. When does your energy come back though? I'm still so exhausted all the time. I have to force myself to get out of bed every morning, it's terrible. And even after my shower all I want to do is lay back down. Now I'm at work and writing this and I just want to lay my head on my desk and take a nap. "Energy where are you? Won't you please come back???"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Along with my energy...

Went my cleverness. I used to be able to think of half way decent titles that weren't so boring, but lately everything seems to be mundane.

I'm absolutely exhausted today and I'm not sure if it's the weekend catching up with me or not. Friday night I did talk B into going to BRU! We have one 45 min. north and another 45 min south of us. I decided to go to the one 45 min south. I'm hoping it was just a bad choice. During the hour or so that we were in there we saw two disgruntled customers. The first one was trying to get some help with something and couldn't find anyone, and the second wanted her item in a box that wasn't damaged and was having trouble getting it. Anyway, I wasn't overly impressed. But we looked at cribs to get an idea of what we want and realized our choices will be limited. We either need to get one with a drop rail, or a stationary that has a low side. My poor husband is only about 5'6" and wouldn't be able to bend over half the cribs with stationary sides. So I've started little research and comparison project that I hope to have done by the end of November. I also realized how excited B can actually get over this baby. It made me feel so good.

Saturday was a long day, although I managed to sleep in til 10. I went to the mall with my mother and sister. We were there from 2 until 7. That's lots of walking. When I got home I didn't even have the energy to put everything away. And I was quite upset because I bought this shirt that says "..And that's what happens when you party naked..." but they didn't take the ink tag off it.

So Sunday morning I was up at 4:30 with B so I could take him to the diner to meet up with his hunting buddies and I could have the Jeep. Well it turned out that none of the places in town that could help me get the damn ink tag off even opened til 11. So I got up that early for nothing cause B was done hunting at 10:30. In the end it was ok though cause I got the tag off. I spent most of the day in bed watching TV and working on Christmas presents for our parents (don't want to say what they are just in case one of them finds this blog). And I started that crib comparison project. Last night we went to my dad's and picked up the bassinet he got us. It isn't new, but it's only 9 weeks old. The girl that was using it moved back to England and couldn't take it with her. Maybe tonight I'll get a chance to take a pic.

Only other thing going on is that I have an appointment today. I'm not thinking it's going to be all that exciting, except I will probably be scheduling my anatomy scan, which I can't wait for!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

4 Months Down

Well there isn't much to say besides 4 months down, 5 to go!!! I can't believe it. In approximately 4 weeks I'll hopefully be able to find out the sex of the baby! I really can't believe I'm here! I'm a little disappointed that I haven't really felt the baby move again since Monday, is that normal?
Anyway, my indigestion was terrible yesterday, but a nice warm shower and some Tums made me feel better. And as for feeling cute, well that didn't last long. I did take a pic though. Don't mind the crap in the background. I swear it will be a nursery by May!

Other than that, I'm feeling kinda crappy at the moment. I may just need to eat though, haven't done that yet this morning. I'm sure I forgot something, but it will have to wait...
Oh, OB appointment on Monday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I've been reading the Baby Bargains book and it's been great. I've learned so much about cribs and the quality and important things. But it's got me thinking, I have no idea where we're going to get the money for this stuff! I mean I know we're fine for when the baby gets here, diapers, wipes and all that fun stuff, but the big things I don't know how we're going to get them!

We have a savings, but we really need it to pay off the bed we just bought, otherwise our credit card is going to be maxed out. And from what I've been reading we need to order furniture like now in order to have 2 months to set the nursery up. And I have no idea what I want yet! I was thinking about having my grandfather make the crib, but I don't know if that's a good idea cause I want it to match everything else. Ugh, I've always been indecisive and pregnancy is making it so much worse! Maybe I can design some sort of armiore that has a changing table in it or something. I'm pretty sure I read that the dressers tend to be more expensive than the cribs. Ugh here I go giving myself more options!

Not much else to talk about. I'm still exhausted, but trying to deal with it. And my stomach has been off for a few days, it needs to get better like now!

Oh I forgot to add, I'm feeling kinda cute today. And when I went down to get 1st breakfast the cashier says "Are you expecting?" I said "Yup, that's why I'm down here a million times a day!" It's nice that I look pregnant now for the most part and not just fat!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much to Share

Well maybe not really. My head is quite foggy today and I can't seem to concentrate on anything, including writing a blog! So for my weekend... (the best parts at the the end!!!)

Friday night B was mostly wonderful. I got home and to my surprise he was fixing the vacuum cleaner (he's been promising to do this for 3 weeks now). The plan was to go buy one. So I sat in the chair to chit chat while he was working on it. But like the rest of the day I had too Pee again! Thing was, when I got out of the bathroom I found myself heading to "my bedroom" rather than back to the living room. I laid down and drifted in and out our consciousness for a while. I remember hearing a few things like the vacuum running and then not. Well after maybe a half hour I had to pee again. So I was awake. He comes in and says I want to show you something. I walk in the living room and the sweet man has rearranged it so that the couch is in front of the TV again. We had recliners there, but I hated them because it took the intimacy out of the time we spent together there. Then he informs he wanted to go spotlighting. That's why he was only mostly wonderful. He made me dinner and after I ate I was exhausted. He tucked me into bed about 8 and then went off to do his thing.

Saturday seemed terrible. I didn't feel like really doing anything, but I called my mom and talked her into going to the mall with me. I really needed to get out and at least get some walking in. So I told her I'd meet her at her house in an hour. So I get there and then had to wait another hour for her to be ready. I have to say I was quite annoyed. And after waiting that hour I was even more tired and miserable. So our time at the mall wasn't all that great. And then when Target didn't have the body pillows I really wanted to cry! It was my main purpose for going. But mom did buy my first package of diapers and I got some new awesome sheets! Of course when I'm about to cry over the pillows she says "Oh well they have them at Walmart" (Target is 30 minutes away from home, Walmart is 10 minutes). I refused to believe her because I was just as Walmart a week ago looking for them, and they were gone. So after an agonizing afternoon, that was at least good for my health I headed home. B got home shortly after and we went to dinner and then to WalMart, where I got the two most wonderful body pillows ever make. One side is like a microfiber and the other is like the crushed velvet feel. I love them!!! Oh and I finally got to sleep in my nice comfy king sized bed again. B was sleeping in the spare room, but I missed him so much that I felt like a little kid walking in there to lay with him. So I asked him to come back to our bedroom. I don't think he's contagious any more.

Sunday was typical. Relaxed in the morning and then Football at noon. B and I got in a fight after football because he wanted to road hunt on the way home and I didn't feel like it. I was just so mad that I cried and cried. Oh and it gave me the energy to do some dishes. By the time I was done I had finished crying and was just waiting for him to apologize for yelling at me and scaring the crap out of me while driving (I made him pull the car over). He was laying on the couch watching football so I went and got my book and sat in one of the recliners on the other side of the room. He offered a few times for me to lay down and I said no I was fine. Then he asked for the 4th time or so and finally I said "Do you want me over there with you?" and he said yes. He gave me a huge hug and said he was so sorry for being stupid and it won't happen again. After that it was a pretty good night.

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible headache. So I decided to stay home from work. I was going to do some wash and what not. But as the day went on I realized that any time I stood up longer than to walk to the end of the bed my head started throbbing. So needless to say, I didn't get out of bed much. B was great and waited on me though and even went to the store for the stuff I was craving. On an absolutely wonderful note I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday!!! It was like a few bubbles popping on the inside of my tummy, near the top of my uterus. It was amazing and I can't wait to feel it again. And I know it wasn't gas cause I can feel that move, these ones didn't move. Boy I can't wait til it's a consistent thing!

Anyway I'm back to work today and still feeling quite foggy. I think I remembered everything though!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cramp Cramp Cramp

That's what I've been feeling for the past day or so. Nothing major or anything to worry about, but just that stupid growing achiness. And last night when I got home from work the baby must have decided it was most comfortable sitting on my bladder. I was going to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 2 hours. And not even drinking anything!

In other news I had a terrible dream last night that B was having sex with some big boobed blond. I woke up so sad. And I also had one that some guys were trying to shoot people with these arrow things and turn everyone into aliens. I was about to save the world when I woke up! The good part is that I know where the dreams came from. I found porn sites on our computer the other night and it bothered me. I mean come on, I feel fat and unattractive as it is. I don't need B reinforcing my feelings. I guess they come up when he goes to this one site that has funny videos and pictures and stuff. He said if is bothers me he will stop going there though and that made me happy. I guess the fact that we haven't been able to kiss each other or even sleep in the same bed for a week is starting to wear on me. And the other weird dream is from the Alien Resurrection commercial they've been playing on TV.

Ok, enough of that. Here's what you've all been waiting for...

Me at 15 weeks prego and wondering if I'll be able to fit through a doorway when I'm 40 weeks!

So happy it's Friday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Breakfast

OK, if you've seen the first Lord of the Rings movie, you know there is a First breakfast and a Second Breakfast. Well I had the most amazing first breakfast this morning! I've been craving strawberry milk for two days now and we've been out of milk. So this morning I brought my strawberry syrup to work with me. B gave me a funny look when I put it in my bag. So when I got to work I ran down to get my milk, not knowing what else I was going to have (the bagels n cream cheese with bacon just aren't good for the waist line). But as I'm grabbing a lid for my decaf coffee I see a sign that says they have pumpkin muffins. So first breakfast was a pint of wonderfully delicious strawberry milk and a nice hot, fresh out of the oven pumpkin muffin. YUUMMMMM. Second breakfast will be a trusty bowl of Lucky Charms.

Ok, now that I shared that, I also had my follow up doctor's appointment yesterday. She said everything with the baby looked good. Growing right on schedule with a healthy heart beat. She also explained that the placenta is most likely what caused the brown spotting. She said that it should correct itself because the placenta continually grows to where the most blood is available and that's at the top of the uterus so it will grow up and the part down near my cervix should die off (she used some technical term I can't remember) and be re-absorbed. But I am on complete pelvic rest ("no sex, toys or fingers in there") until my next u/s which isn't going to be for another 4-5 weeks.

So that's about it for now. It's going to be a long frustrating day here at work. Things getting thrown at me all at once and they need to be done NOW!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping me on my toes...

So I got out of work early yesterday to go get my hair done. And then I was off to get my blood drawn. That surprisingly only took about 5 minutes including parking the car. After that I headed home where B was getting ready for bowling. I decided to go to subway cause I was hungry. This was about 4. Around 5:30 I was feeling exhausted so I went to lay down in my new room (the spare room with the crappy futon). I was laying there catching up on some board reading and all of a sudden I started getting these sharp pains in my cervix area. Not really the normal stretching cramps I've been getting. So I call my OB office and to my surprise some one answered. ML (my midwife) wasn't there, but the receptionist got her on the line and called me back and patched me through. I couldn't believe it, my old Dr. I would have just had to wait til morning! So anyway, I explain the feeling and that I can't tell if my cm has a brownish tint or if it's just a really dark yellow. She says "I want you to go to the ER and have them do an u/s just to be safe." On the one hand I was relieved that she is so proactive, on the other hand hearing her say go to the ER scared the crap out of me.

So I called my mom and we headed to the ER. I was pretty impressed there with how quickly they got me in. No waiting until I was in the room. And then I didn't have to wait long before the tech came in to do the u/s. All I can say is it was amazing! My little one had a nice hb of 156 bpm. The tech said that was good even though it's lower than the previous ones because of being farther along. s/he was moving around so much it was hard for the tech to get some measurements, but that was fine with me cause it meant I got to watch longer. The tech was great, she pointed out everything, arms, legs, heart, kidneys, bladder, everything. And she even tried to find the sex, but Peanut had it's legs closed. And she said it'd be nothing but a guess anyway. The doctor on duty said that he couldn't see any signs of a problem, but that the placenta is growing very close to the cervix and the ML will want to keep an eye on that. He didn't really explain anything more on that so I'm guess it just means that if it gets too close or grows over I'll need a c-section. I hope not, but I'll have to deal if I do. With that he discharged me with a diagnosis of a threatened miscarriage after reassuring me that it's just for safety measures and he thinks everything is fine. He said most likely the pain was caused by the baby pushing on the cervix and if it's starting now I will probably get all through the pregnancy like his wife. So yeah, more scary pain to come!

So here I am today, tired and waiting to call ML to set up an appointment.

PS - Sorry I didn't even think about taking a pic of my hair. I'll do that tomorrow

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tiring Weekend

Well I haven't updated in several days. It was a long tiring weekend.

Friday night when I got home from work I was exhausted so I tried to nap, but every time I would start to fall asleep something would wake me up. Then I started to get hungry. So we went out to eat and then shopping. I wanted a body pillow so bad, but no where in town seems to have them. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. I did get a puzzle to work on though, not that I need any more useless projects, but I like puzzles. So when I got home I started working on the puzzle.

Saturday I was actually able to sleep a bit in the morning. My sister had Family weekend at school so around noon I headed to Syracuse. We ate lunch and around 3 we started walking to all the places she wanted to show us. I think it was about 5 when we finally stopped. And I was so glad! The exercise felt good but all the walking was giving me cramps and my back started to hurt. So for about an hour we sat around, me waiting for B to get there. Then about 6 we started walking to the dome to watch the football game. By half-time I was so sore I couldn't take it. I waited for the game to start again and we headed home. I felt bad leaving early, but I just couldn't take it any more. I passed right out when I got home and only woke up once in the night. I was even able to sleep until 8am, I can't remember the last time I did that.

Sunday obviously started out nice with some extra sleep. I worked on my puzzle and made some breakfast. Around 12:30 B came home from hunting and we went to football. Which pretty much sucked. Mainly because B was drinking fast and then Buffalo started losing so he got miserable and argumentative. After that we went to his dad's for dinner. It was pretty nice. I fell asleep in the chair after dinner and then when we got home I went right to bed.

Monday was ok until I got home. B is so sick that when he got out of work he decided to go home and sleep rather than go hunting. He basically slept all afternoon, all evening and all night. This meant that I had the task of cleaning his crap out of the spare room so that I could sleep on the futon. I was so mad at him cause he's been promising me he'd clean it for weeks. And I ended up having to do it. He's lucky I didn't pull anything moving computer monitors (not the nice flat ones)! So then I ended up having to sleep on the crappy futon mattress cause our house guests have the good one. I did manage to get the memory foam topper from them though. I didn't really care if it was rude to ask. Then I even has to double up a comforter to sleep on to get the bed soft enough that I couldn't feel the wood under the mattress. And thankfully I had the brilliant idea to bring in my laptop to watch a DVD on (I always have the TV on when I fall asleep). SO this morning I'm a little cranky!

On the plus side, I'm getting my hair cut today and I just can't wait! It hasn't been done since April!!!