Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 18 Happenings

Things really haven't been that exciting lately. I've mostly not been feeling overly social and my brain has been on vacation, therefore I haven't been blogging the way I normally do. Last week I was feeling quite weak. You that feeling like you just worked out so long your body feels like jello and you can't even lift your arms, yeah that's how I was feeling.
Thanksgiving was pretty good. We only ended up going to 3 of our 4 stops. It was nice though. I love seeing my family, and B's family. Plus I think I looked pretty cute...

OK, maybe not so much in the picture. For some reason B can't take a picture in a timely manner and I get frustrated. Then yesterday I took my 18 week belly picture.
Today was a sad morning. I had to say goodbye to my grandparents again. They are heading home again until the baby is born. I miss them so much when they're gone. On the exciting side I have to get the dresser/changing table design I want to my Grandfather so he can start working on it.
Well on top of that I need to get working on some Christmas presents, and prepare for tomorrows Buffalo Bills game!!! Yes we are going to the game, as crazy as that sounds! I'm really hoping I have fun. I'm a little worried about getting there 3 hours before the game and being cold. I think in the past the amount of beer I consumed helped with my body temperature. Oh well, we should have fun!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Oh and PS, we've decided on the crib with the scrolling. I hope we can get it soon!


  1. You look so perfectly pregnant!

    The big ultrasound is almost here!!!


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