Monday, November 17, 2008

Along with my energy...

Went my cleverness. I used to be able to think of half way decent titles that weren't so boring, but lately everything seems to be mundane.

I'm absolutely exhausted today and I'm not sure if it's the weekend catching up with me or not. Friday night I did talk B into going to BRU! We have one 45 min. north and another 45 min south of us. I decided to go to the one 45 min south. I'm hoping it was just a bad choice. During the hour or so that we were in there we saw two disgruntled customers. The first one was trying to get some help with something and couldn't find anyone, and the second wanted her item in a box that wasn't damaged and was having trouble getting it. Anyway, I wasn't overly impressed. But we looked at cribs to get an idea of what we want and realized our choices will be limited. We either need to get one with a drop rail, or a stationary that has a low side. My poor husband is only about 5'6" and wouldn't be able to bend over half the cribs with stationary sides. So I've started little research and comparison project that I hope to have done by the end of November. I also realized how excited B can actually get over this baby. It made me feel so good.

Saturday was a long day, although I managed to sleep in til 10. I went to the mall with my mother and sister. We were there from 2 until 7. That's lots of walking. When I got home I didn't even have the energy to put everything away. And I was quite upset because I bought this shirt that says "..And that's what happens when you party naked..." but they didn't take the ink tag off it.

So Sunday morning I was up at 4:30 with B so I could take him to the diner to meet up with his hunting buddies and I could have the Jeep. Well it turned out that none of the places in town that could help me get the damn ink tag off even opened til 11. So I got up that early for nothing cause B was done hunting at 10:30. In the end it was ok though cause I got the tag off. I spent most of the day in bed watching TV and working on Christmas presents for our parents (don't want to say what they are just in case one of them finds this blog). And I started that crib comparison project. Last night we went to my dad's and picked up the bassinet he got us. It isn't new, but it's only 9 weeks old. The girl that was using it moved back to England and couldn't take it with her. Maybe tonight I'll get a chance to take a pic.

Only other thing going on is that I have an appointment today. I'm not thinking it's going to be all that exciting, except I will probably be scheduling my anatomy scan, which I can't wait for!!!

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  1. LOL...I remember my cleverness leaving, along with my memory. It eventually comes back, but way after the baby arrives. Counting down until your scan and just by the way you are looking (belly-wise), I'm going to guess a girl. Let's see if I'm right...or wrong. Well, going to get started on dinner and I'll talk to you later. :)


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