Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Could Cry

Last night I had been thinking over and over about if I wanted to test or not. Finally while we were eating dinner I decided that if I had a test I may as well use it. So I told B "If I have a test I'm going to test in the morning." I could see the wheels turning in his mind so I said "To see if our sex marathon worked." He just said "Oh, ok."

Men just don't get how taxing it is on a woman to see BFN after BFN and how scary it is to sit there waiting by yourself. So I found a test, but it was a First Response, not a cheap dollar store test like what I was hoping to find. I wasn't sure I wanted to use it. Those suckers are expensive you know. But I put that and a cup out anyway, just in case I changed my mind.

Before going to bed I decided that if my temp went up in the morning and I had no signs of AF or anything that I would test.

**Warning, if you don't want to know personal information skip to the end**

This morning when I took my temp I had to check it 3 times before I was sure I read it right. I mean it was 4am and the only light was the TV. I went in looked at the test and decided well, I'll pee in the cup, still unsure of if I wanted to test or not.

There was no sign of AF when I wiped so I decided to check my cervix. Low, hard and closed. I don't know what I was thinking, that it would be a sure sign or something, but whatever.

So I bit the bullet, opened the test and dipped it. I watched it for a second and wasn't even sure it was going to process. I went and put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. I wandered back over to the table by the toilet where the test was sitting and looked to see if it even processed.

**This is the end**

So it's tears of joy I could cry. Please pray that this little bean sticks. We certainly aren't out of the woods yet.


  1. Oh Brandi that makes me SO HAPPY!!! All of the sticky dust that I can muster is going to be sent your way!

  2. Thanks Jenn. I'm still in shock I think. Feel free to share with the other girls if they are interested. I don't plan on posting on FB for at least another 3 weeks or so.

  3. OMG OMG OMG aaaaahhhhhhh!! Brandi!! Yay!

  4. Congrats again, Brandi. This is such amazing news and I know you are just over the moon right now! Lots and lots of sticky dust headed your way of course. SO THRILLED!!!

  5. Brandi:

    I am so very very happy for you! The thought crossed my mind that you might be seeing a BFP, especially after you mentioned something about not feeling well, in one of the emails that you wrote regarding help for my mom's fund-raising.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your baby bean sticks!



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