Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
B's swimmers are just fine!
My labs! My thyroid is good, insulin and 2 hour glucose test were normal

The Bad:
My cholesterol. It's a little high, but nothing that needs medication or should prevent pregnancy.

The Ugly:
My tubes. Below is essentially what tubes should look like and what they do look like.

Turns out the dilation of my tubes is a bigger deal than the radiologist thought. My right tube is bad to severe and the left is just bad. The dilation is caused by fluid and this fluid has many bad effects on achieving a healthy pregnancy:
~ Egg may not be able to travel down the tube
~ Sperm may not be able to travel up the tube
~ If egg manages to fertilize egg there is a good chance of ectopic pregnancy
~ If fertilized egg does make it to the uterus if there is fluid in there it can prevent implantation.
~ If egg manages to implant there is still a higher chance of miscarriage.

Where we go from here:
As of right now if I do manage to get pregnant they want to see me right away to make sure that I don't have an ectopic pregnancy. In a month they want to do an ultrasound to see if the fluid is going away. If it is we will continue to monitor and try naturally. If not, we will consult with an RE. At this point and time I'm not sure what the course of action after that would be.

I can't even talk about my emotions of all this right now because I haven't yet figured out how I feel about this. On the one hand the OB thinks I have a good chance of it curing itself since we've achieved a normal pregnancy, on the other hand I feel hopeless. I need to do some research.

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