Thursday, May 26, 2011

Half Way There

I was happy to see this morning that I am half way to my weight loss goal!!!

I keep reminding myself though that the second half of this journey is going to be much longer than the first half. Especially if (fingers crossed) I get pregnant. The positive to that is that if I do end up getting pregnant, my diet is much healthier and my weight from the start of this journey should be about my max pregnancy weight.

I feel bad that I have been slacking on my exercise this week. On Tuesday I walked for a half hour instead of running like normal and Wednesday I skipped my workout all together because I woke up so exhausted. This morning I did force myself to get up and do my Turbo.Jam workout and I'm glad I did, it felt good. I just wish I could shake this feeling of exhaustion to the point that I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open as I type this.

It does help having such a supportive husband though. He's great about telling me how proud he is of me. I also love that he is considerate enough to ask me if I can have certain foods like butter and such before putting it into our meals. (Yes he cooks, we take turns)

Here's to a quick and some what painless rest of my journey!

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  1. Yay for more weight loss! I wish I could say I was halfway to my target weight! :) Way to go!


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