Monday, May 16, 2011

Work or Play?

How do you spend your weekends? Me, I try to keep a combination of work and play. Let's face it, during the week there isn't much time for work or play, at least not at my house. Especially with the schedule I try to keep us all on.

My Schedule:
4:00 am: Get up do the bathroom thing, work out, shower, make coffee, let the dogs out, get dressed, pack Lillian's bag, make my lunch, pack my bags, get Lillian up and get out the door.

6:15 - 6:45: Drop Lillian off at the sitter's and head to work.

7:00-4:00: Work, sneak in other stuff (crochet, edit photos, meal plan, grocery list, etc.)

4:00-5:00: Leave work. Most of the time I have to go stop at a store, get Lillian, go home.

5:00-5:30: Spend some time playing with Lillian

5:30-6:30: Make dinner while trying to keep Lillian occupied, or from creating a complete mess.

6:30-7:00: Dinner. And Praying Lillian doesn't finish before me so I can actually eat the whole meal.

7:00-8:00: Lillian's bed time routine. Bath, teeth, hair, story, rock, bed

8:00: Finish any laundry I may have managed to get in the washer or dryer. Try to prepare my lunch for the next day.

9:00: Sleep!

B's Schedule
6:00: Get out of bed and start getting ready. He normally wakes up well before 6 and lays in bed watching the news, spo.rts cen.ter and music videos.

7:00: Leave for work

Now he is a roofer so his work day can end at any time really. May end by 7:15, may not get home til 6.

Either way he typically comes home watches TV, gets on the computer, on short days he'll take a nap or go hunting or fishing or whatever activity it is that's in season.

One night a week he'll mow the lawn which takes most of the evening.

After dinner he will sit there and watch TV until I am ready to go to bed. He normally will pick up mine and Lillian's dinner plates, but several times this last week Lillian's dish is still sitting at her table when I come out after putting her to bed.

The reason I went into all of this is because I am still extremely irritated about how he acted this weekend. Friday night he was great. He dropped me off to go out with my sister while he went to his mom's with Lillian because he was getting up early to hunt. After his hunt he came back to his mom's where I was and we both took a nap, on our way home we stopped at the store. He went out and grabbed us a late dinner that evening and Lillian was in bed when he got back with it. Sunday morning he again got up at 3am to go hunting with his buddies. I had asked him Saturday if he would be home with us in the afternoon. Well around 10 he comes in and gets his bow to go bow fishing. He said he was sure he'd be back early after noon. I spent the morning with Lilian doing and laundry and cleaning. My king size bed was covered in clothes! My dresser was cleaned off and the living room was dusted and vacuumed. This took me 6 hours! He came home a little after noon, ate and went and took a nap. 2 hours later he got up, came out to the couch and complained how tired he was. Grabbed his pillow and blanket and napped some more on the couch. He was finally up and some what sociable when I got back from picking up dinner at 6:30. We ate dinner in the living room and Lillian made a mess on the coffee table with her rice and brown sauce. We did our normal night routine and when I came out from putting her to bed I see that B picked up our bowls, but didn't clean up any of the mess that Lillian had made. So I went got a washcloth and cleaned the table again. Then I finished folding laundry and headed to bed. While I was getting ready he came in and actually started putting his clothes away! I was shocked, I was for sure he was going to through them in a basket and they would sit there all week.

As he's getting in bed he told me the house looked great, I was so glad he noticed, then he proceeded to say "I guess I get the kitchen then don't I? Why do I always get the kitchen?" Now mind you pretty much since we've been living together (just about 7 years now) he's been in charge of doing the dishes. Mainly now because he'd rather do that than bath time. Well he hasn't done the dishes in about a week. It's gross, but I refuse to do them!

And the worst part is if I want to have some one over he will say something like "The kitchen is disgusting, I don't want some one in our house with it looking like that." And I just want to scream at him that he should keep on top of it then. And I try to be really good about things, when he has the kitchen all clean and I'm cooking dinner, I try to clean the dishes I use as I go, I make sure to clean up any little dishes that aren't part of our meal as they get used. But once he starts leaving dinner dishes in the sink I stop because he would expect me to wash those too if I was washing the ones I just used and I'm not letting that happen. He has very few chores in the house and I'm not taking any of them over!

Sorry for today's rant. I'm just feeling very frustrated that I try very hard to balance my work and play and some times I feel like all B does is play and bitch about having to do any work!

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  1. *Sigh* It's amazing how easily men can just put aside responsibilities and not consider that they might be contributing to the problems not helping them. I am sorry to hear that the hubs is being so frustrating right now. I completely understand how you feel. It's almost like being a full time single parent even though your spouse is living in the home.

    UGH! Maybe we need to send our husbands to husband/daddy boot camp or something.


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