Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here???

Yesterday was my appointment with my midwife to talk about fertility testing. One of the things she said, that I hadn't thought about was "Have you talked about how far you are willing to go?" This is something I don't even know how I feel about. I have been so focused on finding out what is wrong that I haven't even considered what I may have to do to "fix" it. I really do want another baby in the worst way, I just can't imagine never being pregnant again and I can't imagine Lillian being an only child, but I don't know what lengths I would want (or be able to afford) to go to in order for those things to happen.

For the time being I am going to continue to procrastinate on thinking about IUI or IVF. Right now we are starting with the basics.

Because my midwife is so wonderful and knows my history she pretty much already had a plan in mind. She verified with me that I had used some sort of ovulation detection method and that we had timed intercourse for at least 12 cycles. We are starting with some blood work for me, checking hormone levels and such. Then I will go for an HSG. In the mean time B is going to have his sperm analyzed. Although we have talked in the past about him having to do this, the look on his face when I told him what the little cup was for was priceless.

So in 3 weeks we go back to discuss the results of the testing with the office OB and decide where we want to go from there.

On a happy note, it felt great yesterday when the nurse took my weight. Based on my last weight she put the weight weight at 200 and then had to move it back to 150! I honestly can't remember the last time that little counter weight was at the 150 mark!

Oh and Mother's day was great! We started our garden and we've been working in it nightly as a family. It's been so much fun! Lillian even planted her own Blackberry bush! I wish I had pictures, but my hands were a little too dirty to be handling a camera!

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  1. Awesone! I look forward to hearing about the results of the testing! Also, gardening as a family sounds divine :)


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