Thursday, May 5, 2011

A new day

I'm doing a little better today. I'm actually a little anxious for my appointment on Monday. I'm eager to know what she has to say and what suggestions she will make.

I'm also a little nervous that we won't be able to figure out why we can't get pregnant. What will I do if my insurance doesn't cover the testing?

It is strange, I have no problem telling the Internets about my worries and frustrations, but I have yet to tell my mother that I ever even mentioned how long we've been trying to my midwife. And I don't plan on telling her that I've scheduled an appointment to start testing. I just don't want to hear what she has to say. I remember when I was going in to see the OB at the office for a follow up I told my mom "I think I'm going to mention to the OB that we've been trying a year." and her response was something along the lines of, you're just stressing to much, I wouldn't worry about it, a year isn't that long.

I'm pretty sure my mother has never really tried to get pregnant. I've asked her and she just tells me "Both times I just stopped using birth control and eventually I was pregnant." Well my thinking is that her definition of eventually and my are a little different. Because trust me, if you've tried for more than 4 or 5 months you know it.

In other news, last night I was giving Lillian a bath and she had just climbed in and she looks at me and says "Mommy, need to go potty." Obviously I told her ok. So she climbs out, sits on her potty for less than a minute and says "I done." To my surprise when she stood up she had actually gone potty!!! I was so proud of her. I hope these random uses of the potty start to become more frequent.

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