Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wow, it's been almost a week!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted. I've been rather busy though.

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, almost 36 and just saying that kinda freaks me out! Thursday and Friday last week I spent the evenings washing Lillian's things and making our "need" shopping list. Saturday was beautiful and we spent the day shopping and then setting up some of the new things we got. Sunday I had a baby shower 2 hours away. It was fun, but the drive in the rain was terrible. I was so glad I had my friend ride with me so that I wasn't alone on the way home.

Yesterday was a long day. I went to bed around 9:30 and woke up at 2:45. I laid there for an hour trying to go back to sleep with no luck so I just got up. I finished writing my Thank You notes so now all I need are a few addresses and I'm completely done with them! Work was long, I had training from 12-4, but it was kinda interesting so I didn't fall asleep. When I got done I had a message from B saying that he couldn't wait for me to get home cause he had a surprise for me. Of course that made me excited and when I got home he took me into Lilly's room and he had rearranged everything and set everything else up. Then we proceeded to decorate the walls. It was so great to see him so excited.

This morning I ordered the rest of the things we still need that I couldn't find at the stores on Saturday. I'm really excited to get it all in and feel completely ready. The only thing I have left is to find some shelves.
So once again I'll leave you with some pictures...
Her new play mat. It has 3 uses, back, belly and sit and play.

I can't wait to put her in this swing!
Her bouncer seat and car seat.

Some shoes. I just couldn't resist the sandals!
The growth chart that one of my best friends made for her.
The door is off to the right of the swing. The bassinet will be moving once we get our room rearranged. And the mobile had to go on the front rather than the side cause the side is curved, but it works and I'd rather have it match than go get a new one.

Moving to the left is my little feeding corner. The "table" with the lamp and such is temporary until I get some shelves and the garbage bag will be gone once we have everything and it's unpacked. The toy chest was mine as a child, it's a little run down, but I still love it.

Then moving to the left again you have the dresser/changing table and it's all set and ready to go! Oh and yes we do know that we need to get outlet covers. We actually need them in the whole house.

So let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Been So Lazy...

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post, but it's been a pretty crappy week, and its only Wednesday morning.

My shower on Saturday was great! I have a few pictures I can post, but most of them came out pretty dark. We got TONS of clothes and lots of things we needed. But the best gift was my grandparents surprising me by driving up from NC! I was in shock. My grandpa has been telling me for months how grandma wishes she could be here, but they couldn't. It was so great to see them! And they brought the dresser/changing table my grandpa made for Lillian.
I'll spare you the details on why I've been miserable and share some pictures instead...

B just loved what they wrote on the cake.

This is a beautiful home made play mat.

And this is just one of the sever pieces of clothes she got.

The infant seat my mom picked out, I love it!

Here I am the next day writing thank yous with all the gifts piled around me.

These are just the clothes she got at the shower...

(my step-mom went a little crazy)

And this is all her clothes minus the hand made stuff.

And this is the beautiful dresser her Great-Grandfather made her!

This is the changing tray that goes on top and is removable. There are 2 cubicles for diapers and such and another that will fit a box of wipes. The large cube will be for the changing pad.

So there you have it. Now all I need to do is go get the big stuff we still need and organize all her stuff!

Friday, March 20, 2009

34 Weeks and Pictures!

6 Weeks really doesn't seem that far away! You say a month and a half and it seems like a longer time, but not 6 weeks. What really bums me out though is that 6 weeks is also the amount of time I'm going to have at home with my daughter and that just breaks my heart. I guess that also means that I have approximately 12 weeks to find day care. I really don't want to. Why can't there be a way that I can make $45K a year from home and be with her?
We had an ultrasound today. B couldn't go so my mom got to go with me. She was just amazed! She'd never seen a 3d u/s before. And I have to say I think my daughter has her nose. I have her nose too, but when we were talking about it the tech looked up and said "OMG she does have your nose!" Yup it's unmistakable. And I just can't wait to kiss those chubby little cheeks of hers.

Oh and I guess I'll share the best part, she's head down!!! I'm pretty sure she turned Monday night and let's just say she took her time doing it. I was so uncomfortable from about 5pm to 9pm when I went to bed. I'm so happy though, we didn't have to "discuss our options" or anything. And I think my mw was just as happy as I was!

Well I have another shower tomorrow and I can't wait. All my girlfriends are coming to this one. It's been a month since I've seen my two best friends and I miss them terribly. Sad thing is one of them even lives in my town. Then on Sunday B and I are going to Burlington to get the rest of the stuff we need for Lillian's room! And maybe a big item or two that we don't get.

For now I'll leave you with my pictures from this morning. Not that great I don't think, but oh well. Oh yeah and I have some from my shower last weekend. I have to say I love the dress I was wearing...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Am I terrible?

Today I just really want this to be over. I'm so tired, and not so much because of the pregnancy, but the pregnancy is making my emotional status much worse. Normally when I'm upset with B like this I'm just mad and want to yell at him. Well today I'm mad, I want to yell, I want to cry and I want him to hold me and comfort me at the same time. And well it's pretty hard to get someone you just yelled at to hold and comfort you.

I can't wait for his bowling season to be over! Only 2 more weeks!!! For some reason the last 4 or 5 weeks he's started sleep.walking every Tuesday. And when he sleep walks he tends to piss on things. Last night he tried to pee behind our bedroom door. Then he went to the bathroom and I think he peed in the tub, but I don't really care. After he went to the living room and then he tried to get into Lillian's room. I stopped him and he went back to the living room and a minute later went into Lillian's room again and shut the door. I went opened the door and asked what he was doing. He said "moving" I asked "moving what" and he says "well what do you want me to move" like he was all mad at me so I told him "nothing I want you to come back to bed." He came in the room picked up his pillow threw it back on the bed and said something like "well I guess this is mine" and went back to Lillian's room where I went and got him once again. Finally he came in all pissed off at me and went back to bed. I was so worried that he was gonna go back in Lillian's room and piss on my brand new chair or something that I barely slept.

Then this morning he got mad at me cause I was irritated with him. He did apologize, but pissed me off even more when he got right up and got dressed and made his coffee cause S (his boss) was already down having coffee with Mono. (They meet down there every morning for coffee before work cause S picks them up). This was about 15 minutes before I left and it irritates me that he rushed to get down there and was still there when I left. Why can't he spend that time with me, maybe helping me get ready for the day, or letting the dogs out so I don't have to. Normally I would just blow it off, but being that I'm 8 months preggo I just can't.

So does anyone know anything about sleep walking?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower...

With the in laws....
Most people have a negative feeling associated with the word "in law", but not me. I honestly think I've been blessed in that department. I have 2 mother-in-laws and they are both wonderful! They threw a shower for me this Saturday and it was interesting to say the least.

I got there about an hour early to find both my MILs and one of their mothers happily chit chatting in the living room. It was nice to sit and talk to for while. During this time I decided I would give them the gifts I made to say "Thank You",

We had lots of great food and the guests loved the wine and beer. My MIL also loved her martinis. A little too much to be exact. She was quite drunk by the time we got done. Even stumbling when she came out to help put gifts in the car. I didn't mind too much as it provided us with lots of entertainment, but a little annoying in the end. I suppose that may have had to do with all my soberness.

All the gifts were great and it was nice to be able to laugh so much. Below are some pictures of the gifts we got. Hopefully soon I will get the pictures from the actual shower to share!
This is all the bathing and feeding stuff and a few blankets.

And then we have all the diapering stuff. Including 4 big things of wipes, 3 small and even some little bags to hold dirty diapers in if you don't have a garbage near by!

This is some decorations and other odds and ends. The sign for her door matches the bedding perfectly, which I also got, but it hasn't shipped yet. Some books, pacifiers and teething rings. And the little bear was made by her great uncle.

These are the clothes and some stuffed animals she got. I can't wait to see her wearing it all!

She also got these two outfits and I'm thinking one of them will probably be her going home outfit.

The following were not gifts from the shower, but were gifts I want to share non the less...

My father and stepmother surprised me with my glider yesterday afternoon. It's sooo comfy!!!

And the following are my secret mommy gifts from my WTE TLT Secret Mommy! I just love them!

Friday, March 13, 2009

33 Weeks

Only 7 weeks left! Well that's if she wants to get here on time. I really can't believe we are here. I have to say she is feeling rather large today. In less than a week I have my positioning u/s and will hopefully be able to find out how big she is and how big they are expecting her to get.
I slept a little better last night, but I thin that was mainly because I didn't have to go to the bathroom as much. I still had excruciating pain when rolling over. I'll deal with it though. hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow and get some extra sleep. Before my shower that is! I'm so excited for my showers. I have one this Saturday and next Saturday. Then I can go shopping!!!
And I have a few funny stories...
My MIL was telling me the other night that my aunt (well really its B's aunt) wanted to know why I wanted an alarm clock to wake me up to feed the baby. LOL, she thought this baby.care.timer was an alarm clock. She told my MIL "why does she think she needs an alarm? She'll have a screaming baby!" (For those of you that don't know it keeps track of times of feeding and diaper changes, naps and even medications.) Anyone who knows what my memory is like knows this would be a great help for me. Half the time I can't even remember what time I took my own medication.
And last night after dinner B walks out to the fridge and says "I think its time for some dessert." And what does he walk back into the room with, a bucket of ready made cookie dough! I couldn't believe it, that's what I should be eating!!!
So here are you weekly pictures of me and Lilly...

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm sure I will.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thanks for all the well wishes. I went to the chiropractor twice and that certainly didn't help. I honestly think it made it worse. So on Monday I go to Physical Therapy.

Its been a rough few days and last night I lay in bed some time after midnight wanting to cry cause I couldn't move without pain wondering how on earth I'm gonna make it through the next 7 weeks.

In other news, I was totally mislead by the lady in my HR department. When I first talked to her about maternity leave when I was 14 weeks pregnant she informed that I could have up to 12 weeks paid maternity leave. Well I met with her again yesterday and she informed me that I can have up to 12 weeks, but normally you only get 6-8 weeks. And it's up to my short term disability carrier how much they actually want to pay me. They don't have to pay me my full salary for the full time if they don't want to. Had I known this I would have done things totally differently! I really don't know how I'm going to handle things now. I just know I want as much time home with my daughter as I can get.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The ER

First that you for all the positive comments on my last post. I've stopped stressing out about things cause all that matters is that she gets here safely. I'd like to have my ideal birth, but who wouldn't. As long as she's here, it'll be perfect.

It's was a long weekend. Saturday night I started having these sharp pains in my hip once in a while when I walked. Yesterday I woke up fine. I went to my cousins shower at 1 and then at 3:30 I went to WalMart and it started again while I was walking around. When I got home at 5 I sat on my bed to fold some laundry and basically couldn't move. Every little movement I made sent a stabbing pain into my butt and down the thigh. It got a little better after a while and I could move out to the couch, but certain movements (random) would take my breathe away. Well about 8 B decided we should go to bed. He helped me off the couch and I started heading into the bedroom. It hurt to walk so he tried to help me, but even that was too painful and i ended up having to crawl to the bedroom. So I called the Dr and she said to go to the ER because she wanted to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. Thankfully i don't, but the bad news is there really isn't anything I can do about it. It's my sciatic nerve. They did give me Tylenol 3, but I hate taking it, they said it's safe, but still. So I'm home today and tomorrow in hopes that maybe Lilly will change her position and it will help, if not, I pretty much have to deal with it until delivery. She's moving around a lot today though so I have hope.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Not going as planned...

First I want to say thank you to those that responded to my last post. I had my 32 week appt yesterday and ML (my midwife) confirmed that they are indeed Braxton Hicks (BH) contractions and that if I have 4 in an hour I need to call her.

After leaving my appointment yesterday I was quite depressed. The first thing was that according to their scale, I gained 7lbs in 2 weeks!!! Of course ML says this isn't good when she comes in. Yeah no shit!!! We went through the things I typically eat in a day and she said that it sounds like I'm not over doing it really, but maybe to try and cut out some sodium. In some good news, I weighed myself this morning, like I do every Friday and according to my scale I've lost a lb since last week. And that puts me at only +3lb in 2 weeks with a 4lb loss the 2 weeks before. I think the other 3lbs was just clothes and swelling weight because my legs were quite swollen last night when I got home. In any case she is sending me to see a nutritionist.

2nd bad thing at my appointment is that baby girl is still breech. She asked if I had turned and I told her I didn't think so, but I'd be happy if she wanted to check. So I lay back and sure enough she says I'm pretty sure that's a nice round head I'm feeling up here (between my ribs). Then she gets out the doppler, looks for the HB in a "typical" spot for a "typical" baby (lower right of belly button) and can't find it, then sure enough she moves to the upper right of my belly button and there it is to confirm that Lillian is definitely still breech. So she said that in 2 weeks I'll have an ultra sound to determine if she has flipped and if not we will discuss our options. I love and hate this comment. Ultrasound in 2 weeks, great!!! Discussing our options, not so great. The last thing I really want is a c-section. I'm actually scared to death of the thought, I hate needles and stuff like that and have never had any sort of surgery. Of course I'll do what I have to in order to get my little girl here safely, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
So today's question is, does anyone have any tricks or tips on getting baby girl to flip around? And I'll leave you with your weekly dose of Brandi's Belly...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Braxton Hicks?

So yesterday I was having this feeling in my belly, but I couldn't tell if it was Braxton.Hicks (BH)contractions or just baby girl stretching out and making me uncomfortable. The best way to describe it is that I get this tight feeling at the top of my belly and all the way across and it goes down most of my belly, but the bottom doesn't feel tight or hard. It will last a minute or so and then it goes away. Afterwards baby girl normally goes nuts for a minute, but that could be because I press on my tummy to see if certain part are hard feeling. It also makes it so that I can't leave forward very well.

Any advice on if it's BH or just my baby girl making more room?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cashiers and Husbands

Saturday B got up early to go work on his cousin's apartment. I was lucky enough to get to stay in bed for a while and around 1 his mom picked me up for his aunt's b-day party. We went there about 3 and let me just say YUMMY FOOD!!! I had way to much and by the time 8 rolled around I was totally ready to go home. Thankfully B had been there for 3 hours by then and was ok with leaving. But he did want to go play poker with his buddies. He kept asking me if it was ok and I just didn't know what to say. I was completely honest with him though, I told him I didn't want to be home alone, but at the same time I didn't think it was fair of me to ask him to stay home because I was tired. I cried and he hated it asking if I was ok over and over. And the truth was, I was fine, but couldn't keep from crying. Then he promised me he's be home around 10 and I sent him on his way. And thankfully I found a game online to play and he came home about 10:30 and we went to bed and cuddled and all was well with the world again.

Sunday once again was an emotional roller coaster. B just doesn't understand how some things come across way different than he means them to and that I'm not ALWAYS in the mood for him to be sarcastic or his little lies that I have to determine if he is serious or not. I started working on a meal plan for the week and apparently I'm now finding out after 6 years together that my husband doesn't like ham. He's never once before complained about having ham. So any way his buddy stopped over and was talking about going to shoot his new gun or something and B was says "well all I had to do today is go grocery shopping." And I just glared at him. He had told me Saturday night on the way home that he wasn't working for his cousin on Sunday because he wanted to spend the day with me. So based on the look I gave him he realized that apparently grocery shopping wasn't enough. Then he kept saying things like he wasn't going shopping with me. He means this to be a joke, but honestly I don't find it funny. (I write out my recipes before doing my grocery list) So I was writing out the list and flipping through the few pages of ingredients and he says "How much crap do we need? You just went to the grocery store the other night." Which I did and picked up some of the little things I had made note of running out of during the week, like Jelly and milk and stuff. I finally just looked at him and said "forget it, I won't do a meal plan and we won't go shopping." Apparently he was trying to ask why we needed to go shopping, but he could have just said "why do we need so much, I thought you got stuff last week?" Not rude the way he was. I ended up going and laying on our bed to get away. I was so hurt, I spend time planning out meals for 6 day of the week so that we don't have to have the "what's for dinner?" conversation every night. Then I make the list and put all the crap away when we get home. He finally came and got me and I explained how much he hurt my feelings, but I don't know if it really sank in. After shopping we came home and watched another movie and ate dinner and then flipped back and forth between movies on TV and the race. By 8 I was ready for bed!

Today hasn't started off great either. I was awake last night from 1:30 to at least 2:30 and didn't want to get up this morning. Then after my shower when I let Tanika (our German Shepard) out, the run broke and I had to go and find her in 10 degree cold dark morning with a freaking towel on my head. It wasn't fun, but thankfully she went to B right away when she saw him.

Here's to hoping the week gets better!

OK, so I posted this and then realized I didn't even get to my title. I didn't realize how much the crap this weekend bothered me. So yesterday while at Walmart this was my conversation with the cashier:

Cashier: How much longer do you have?
Me: Actually I'm due 2 months from today.
Cashier: Oh wow, you're going to be huge

Some more small talk about gender and name and then we're getting ready to walk away...

Cashier: Have a nice day and I hope you don't break your back before you're due.

So B and I go out to the car and I have this conversation with him...

Me: Why is it that people think that because I'm pregnant it's ok to comment on my size?
B: Well it's not like it's a bad thing, it's not like she's saying you fat and disgusting.

I just kept my mouth shut, I didn't want to start and argument. But come on, the comment about breaking my back was a little much don't you think?