Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Am I terrible?

Today I just really want this to be over. I'm so tired, and not so much because of the pregnancy, but the pregnancy is making my emotional status much worse. Normally when I'm upset with B like this I'm just mad and want to yell at him. Well today I'm mad, I want to yell, I want to cry and I want him to hold me and comfort me at the same time. And well it's pretty hard to get someone you just yelled at to hold and comfort you.

I can't wait for his bowling season to be over! Only 2 more weeks!!! For some reason the last 4 or 5 weeks he's started sleep.walking every Tuesday. And when he sleep walks he tends to piss on things. Last night he tried to pee behind our bedroom door. Then he went to the bathroom and I think he peed in the tub, but I don't really care. After he went to the living room and then he tried to get into Lillian's room. I stopped him and he went back to the living room and a minute later went into Lillian's room again and shut the door. I went opened the door and asked what he was doing. He said "moving" I asked "moving what" and he says "well what do you want me to move" like he was all mad at me so I told him "nothing I want you to come back to bed." He came in the room picked up his pillow threw it back on the bed and said something like "well I guess this is mine" and went back to Lillian's room where I went and got him once again. Finally he came in all pissed off at me and went back to bed. I was so worried that he was gonna go back in Lillian's room and piss on my brand new chair or something that I barely slept.

Then this morning he got mad at me cause I was irritated with him. He did apologize, but pissed me off even more when he got right up and got dressed and made his coffee cause S (his boss) was already down having coffee with Mono. (They meet down there every morning for coffee before work cause S picks them up). This was about 15 minutes before I left and it irritates me that he rushed to get down there and was still there when I left. Why can't he spend that time with me, maybe helping me get ready for the day, or letting the dogs out so I don't have to. Normally I would just blow it off, but being that I'm 8 months preggo I just can't.

So does anyone know anything about sleep walking?


  1. Oh my word! I have never heard of such craziness with sleep walking! I'm sorry you are having to go through this being 8 months pregnant!!! How terrible!

  2. I know nothing about sleep walking. Hang in there! Hope all goes well, soon!


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