Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Been So Lazy...

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post, but it's been a pretty crappy week, and its only Wednesday morning.

My shower on Saturday was great! I have a few pictures I can post, but most of them came out pretty dark. We got TONS of clothes and lots of things we needed. But the best gift was my grandparents surprising me by driving up from NC! I was in shock. My grandpa has been telling me for months how grandma wishes she could be here, but they couldn't. It was so great to see them! And they brought the dresser/changing table my grandpa made for Lillian.
I'll spare you the details on why I've been miserable and share some pictures instead...

B just loved what they wrote on the cake.

This is a beautiful home made play mat.

And this is just one of the sever pieces of clothes she got.

The infant seat my mom picked out, I love it!

Here I am the next day writing thank yous with all the gifts piled around me.

These are just the clothes she got at the shower...

(my step-mom went a little crazy)

And this is all her clothes minus the hand made stuff.

And this is the beautiful dresser her Great-Grandfather made her!

This is the changing tray that goes on top and is removable. There are 2 cubicles for diapers and such and another that will fit a box of wipes. The large cube will be for the changing pad.

So there you have it. Now all I need to do is go get the big stuff we still need and organize all her stuff!


  1. wow you got spoiled!!! I love the changing table - that is going to be a life-long keepsake! yay for showers!

  2. Awesome, awesome. You look so happy. What a special present of the homemade dresser. Grandpas rock!

  3. Beautiful dresser/changing table! Her closet is fuller the mine *pout* The care seat is really cute. I love the color scheme.

  4. Awesome... you got so much stuff, excellent.. hopefully you won't need to buy to much more.


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