Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Weeks

I know I've been terrible, haven't even been on the computer in a week.

Last Wednesday, the 29th Lilly had her 1 week check up and it landed us back in the hospital. She had high Billie levels and had to spend a day and a half under the billie lights. I never really thought Jaundice was going to be a problem considering how great she looked when we left the hospital the first time. It was a rough night for me seeing her in the incubator and not being able to hold her. I really don't know how the mom's do it that have little ones in the NICU that can't hold them whenever they want. She had her levels checked again on Monday and she is doing good. The Dr. says it breast milk jaundice and it will go away.

In other news I'm going to be looking for a new pediatrician. Mine is good at what he does, but he has no bedside manners. He never even asked me if I had any questions. Umm hello I'm a first time mom, I have lots of questions!!!

Breast feeding was going great until this morning. She just doesn't seem to be latching right and even when she does she only sucks a few times and pulls off, then I have to try and get her back on again, but half the time she start crying before she latches back on. I think its just an upset belly though cause she had quite a bit of gas last night. She is currently sleeping on my belly cause she doesn't want to be put down. Of course that's just fine with me!


  1. Its so good to hear from you!!

    Sounds like the trip under the lights was tough. Glad she is doing better though.

    Good luck on your peds hunt. I agree, you've got to be comfortable grilling the doc on anything you need to know.

  2. Glad she is doing better. I know I had to lay mine in the sun when I took her home, and I was really frustrated at the time.

    Plus having a good Peds talk to other mothers. I remember how scared I was the first time I bathe my daughter. They hadn't shown me anything at the hospital. I guess they thought I should know since I came from a large family, and was raised among Amish and Mennonites.

    But it's still good to be able to ask all those questions on your own too.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day.

  3. So glad she's doing better! You both will get the hang of breast feeding. It just takes some time. She is so sweet!

  4. Glad she's doing better now. I LOVE her little polka dot dress. So cute!

  5. Good for you- definitely get a new ped! It's important to have a good relationship with them.

    Sounds normal that she's pulling off if she's gassy. Or if her nose is stuffy then she can't breathe when she eats (so use the bulb syringe to help clear anything out before she eats). Babies can't breathe through their mouths until they're much older.

  6. She is adorable! What a beautiful photo.
    When my little girl had jaundice at her first appt I was pretty worried about her. One thing our doctor told us that it was important to keep track of every feeding and diaper so I was thrilled when I found Baby Insights which I used to track everything in one easy place.
    Good luck with everything and hope your baby is eating well again soon!

  7. I'm happy to here she's doing better, as for the breastfeeding, i hope she gets the hang of it. I'm worried about that since I've never done it before. I'm going to take a breastfeeding class and see if that will help my knowledge about it. I hope you are feeling better and able to get your rest.

  8. Definitely get a new pedi! LOVE the polka dot dress - too cute!


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