Monday, May 2, 2011


It's that time of month again... When I always wrestle with myself on if I should test or not. Ok in all reality it normally starts around 10 dpo and I'm normally trying to convince myself that testing is a bad idea. But this month is different. I have had no trouble not testing and honestly don't even really know if I want to.

I'm not sure why I don't want to test. It may be the fear of failure, yet again, or knowing that I have promised myself we will begin testing if we don't get a BFP. Or maybe it's just the fear of only seeing one line.

Month after month I convince myself that I have symptoms and I just KNOW that test is going to show 2 lines, but this month it's just different. I've ignored everything that could be a symptom and because of the last month we were TTC and having no sign of AF until she arrived I've decided that's what's happening this time too.

These are the stats of the 14 cycles I've kept track of since TTC:

Today is Cycle day 31, I should be 13 or 14 dpo, and I just don't know if I should test yet. What do you think? Do me a favor and vote on the Poll to the right.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to post some of the pictures I got of Lillian this weekend.

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  1. I say use a First Response and test in the morning with FMU. It is always the cycles I feel less pregnant or like anything happened then I'm pregnant; without fail! Praying this is it for you!!!


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