Thursday, September 25, 2008

Low On Fuel

That's the way I'm feeling. Yesterday I was on my way to work and drove right past. That was when I decided I needed to go home. I had woken up and opted out of the shower for a little extra sleep. I wore my black stretch pants (pajamas) with a nice top. All I wanted was to be comfy. When I got back home I crawled directly into bed and slept for 3 hours straight. When I woke up at 10 I decided it wasn't time to get up yet and slept for another hour. At 11 I made myself get out of bed and go to work as much as I didn't want to.

My boss was actually impressed that I made it in and I ended up having a rather productive afternoon. Which never would have happened if I hadn't gone home to sleep. After work I went to the grocery store because we were out of everything. This apparently was a terrible idea. As I was in the checkout line I became extremely ill feeling. Weak and sweaty feeling, shortness of breathe, you know everything you feel right before you run to the bathroom praying it isn't in use. I managed to make it outside and the fresh air helped. I was really glad to have gotten some cheese curds, I ate some on the way home. This also helped, but when I got home I went inside and told B he needed to bring the groceries in (he normally does anyway) and this time he put them away without me even having to ask. I spent most of the rest of the night laying in bed wondering why I was dumb enough to go grocery shopping. I took a zofran, but it didn't seem to do much good. Although the lemonade B got me seemed to help some until I started burping.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 with a terrible headache and feeling sick. And of course I didn't fall back asleep until my alarm started going off. I LOVE Snooze!!! I'm thinking I may only work a half day today, but we'll see.
Thanks so much for all the comments on my 1st ultrasound. It was so great. And for the compliments on my new header. Now all I need to do if figure out how to make it 3 columns and I'll be happy.


  1. I'm glad you decided to turn right around and go home for a nap yesterday. Sometimes you just need to do that. I hope the m/s and exhaustion pass soon. Your second trimester is only weeks away. How exciting!

  2. I was so tired the other day I took a cat nap in the rest room and I am not even pregnant!

    I love your header it is very cute.

  3. Oooo...I remember the beginning of pregancy as me, masquarading as a vague, tired, mess!

    Feel better and I'm so glad you have a flexible job!


  4. Naps are an amazing thing, as is the snooze button. I love them both! Good for you for taking a nap, I think it's a good thing to "spoil" yourself sometimes. Plus, if you're tired..there is a reason! I didn't mention it yesterday, but I do love your header. It's so pretty. Hope your day is better today.
    -D *ICLW*

  5. Heather over at Age 30+, a lifetime of books sent me the html code for a three column layout in blogger. If you would like it, I can dig through my emails and send it to you. Let me know if you are interested.

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! That's good that you knew enough to know you needed sleep. Sometimes we ignore the signs our bodies send us. Yay for your husband putting away the groceries! I hope you feel better.



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