Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Blooger

Yes I've been bad. My brain doesn't seem to function enough to put together a whole blog. I'm not even really sure what I'm going to write about in this post, but I have to come up with something!

The weekend seemed to go by way to fast. Saturday B made me cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I ate 4 of them! They were so yummy. In the afternoon we made the 2 hour drive to my cousin's wedding reception. The wedding was over a year and a half ago though. I felt bad for leaving early, but I was exhausted and not feeling great. All the meat they had was covered in BBQ sauce and I just couldn't stomach it. It was nice to see some family I hadn't in a while though.

Sunday was great! I slept in til 9:30, it felt great. And of course we went to football. This week his aunt made Chicken wing dip, it was amazing!!! Oh and she made Ziti that was great too, but I ate so much dip I couldn't eat much Ziti. The game was great, Buffalo pulled it off in the end! For the first time in 16 years they are starting 3-0!

I'm trying something new this week. On my way in to work this morning I stopped at the store and grabbed some fruit to snack on all morning. I'm hoping this may help my tummy a bit. I'm so excited to my ultrasound tomorrow it's not even funny. I don't know how I'll get through the day tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a great, fun weekend! I hope the fruit helps you a bit. Can't wait to hear/read about your ultrasound tomorrow! Enjoy your day.
    -Hugs, D *ICLW*

  2. Mmm...sounds like a lot of good food!

    Congratulations on Peanut!


  3. Love the new header!!

    Any ultrasound news?

  4. Thanks for the comment - and let me tell you - I didn't work out at all in the first tri. All I wanted to do was SLEEP.

    : )

    Can't wait to hear about the u/s.


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