Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football Sunday Show and Tell

Well by the title you'd probably think I was going to show something about football, but I'm not. I have something I've been wanting to show since I started this blog.

Last night I finally finished my first crochet project I started. Don't get me wrong, I've finished several in the last year, but they were only after putting this one on hold. Here's some pictures...

This project took so long because there are 96 of the little squares that make up the bigger squares. Then all the squares have to be sewn together. I'm so happy it's done. I had to do a few project in between just so that I didn't give up completely. Need to have a sense of accomplishment once in a while.
If you'd like to see what everyone else brought for Show and Tell head on over to Stirrup Queens blog.

Now on to Footballs Sunday! Yes, it's one of my favorite days. This may sound weird coming from a woman, but over the last 5 years it has become a tradition. Every Sunday we get together at B's Uncle's house and watch the Buffalo Bills hopefully play a decent game. We have great food and so many memorable times. We even have a book that we write down our comical sayings in so that we can remember them for the next year. And did I mention the food? Some times it's chili, or Taco soup, crock pot pizza, lasagna for his cousins b-day, I tell you it's a pregnant woman's dream, or nightmare if you don't happen to like what they are serving that day. I'm not sure what's for dinner today, but I'm hoping for crock pot pizza or taco soup!


  1. What a gorgeous afghan! I can imagine how long it took. I once did a baby afghan made up of tiny granny squares and it nearly drove me insane.

    And, the food at your Football Sundays sounds delicious. We love Taco Soup at my house and another fave that would probably go over well with the football crowd is Pepperoni Bread.

  2. That is a beautiful afghan, I love the colors and the workmanship is incredible. Best Wishes to you for a happy and healthy pregnancy, thank you for sharing.

  3. That is a beautiful afghan. I love the rich blue against the black, very sharp!

  4. Beautiful afghan! You did a great job!

  5. Very nicely done!

    I crocheted a small afghan that was made up of 99 5" squares and then sewed them all together. UGH! That is the most tedious part - working in all those ends!!

  6. Wow, that looks like a lot of work. I made an afghan once. I stupidly started it in October thinking it would be done by Christmas. It was, the next christmas and I over estimated the size and it was bigger than a king size bed. Yours is very beautiful.

  7. I am so jealous of that blanket! it is beautiful, way to go. I can barley hold a crochet needle, no lie. Mmmmmm food, makes me wanna come hang out with you. Have a GREAT Tuesday! Hope you're feeling better.


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