Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Pregnancy

This is my goal! I am determined to be mostly happy throughout my pregnancy. I've heard and read in different places that the happier you are during your pregnancy, the more likely your child will have a cheery disposition. Whether this is true or medically proven doesn't really matter because being happy can't hurt, right?

On other pregnancy related things, I felt the worst I have at all this morning. I had all I could do not to run to the bathroom this morning. What helped was the fact that I knew B was using the toilet. Now that I've eaten I feel better for the time being. I also had my first craving this morning. I was making my bagel at work and while it was toasting I looked in the cooler and say Chocolate milk. Let me just say it was the best Chocolate milk I've ever had!!!

So yesterday I signed B up for the weekly emails from 3D I told him this way he only has a little to read once a week and he get a better understanding of what's going on with me and it gives Daddy tips for some weeks. His response was "Great, just remind me to check my email." A little frustrating, but whatever. I was proud of him for behaving himself last night while he was out bowling with the guys. It was the first night and he got home late so I was expecting him to be stumbling all over, but he was actually fine. I think he may be having sympathy symptoms. Heartburn last night and felt sick this morning. Yeah right, it was just the beer, but it's a nice thought.

Tomorrow I am leaving on a Business Trip. I'm not really all that thrilled about it. I think it's going to be a waste of time, but I guess that's not my decision to make. We are flying and I think it's a waste of time because we could drive there in less than 6 hours. But instead I have to drive an hour to the airport, sit there and hour cause you have to be early, fly and hour, have an hour delay before the next one hour flight and then we get there. So that's 5 hours right there. Not to mention I won't be getting home until 9:30 Friday night. Way to cut into my weekend!

On the good news, my new bed will be arriving the day after I get back!!! Only tonight in my old bed, and Friday night in our spare bed!!!

OK, I think that's enough rambling for now...


  1. I'm with ya on a happy pregnancy! I'm sure the emails will help him out. Maybe they'll spark a few questions in his mind and he'll better understand where you're coming from. Good luck on your business trip. Grab some chocolate milk on your way to the airport ;o) Have a great day!

  2. hey there,
    Thank so for the comment. I sure hope I prepared her, I tried! Anytime you need some encouragement, just let me know..I'm ALL about rallying the troops, so to speak. I think it's the cheerleader in me. I'm always about the rainbows and sunshine!

  3. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! I very excited about your bed. ;-)


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