Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lots to Think About

First I will start by saying Congratulations to my MBIS08 Girl Sarah, who just got her Birthday BFP!

Next, yesterday was the best I have felt in weeks. Granted I still had some stomach issues, especially when it came to eating, but I didn't feel sick most of the day and that was nice. Maybe the end is nearing? Today I'm not feeling great, but that's because I over slept and my eating schedule is off.

OK, now for the exciting news I know you have all been holding your breath for (Well I hope not, that's a long time!). B and I went and looked at a house last night. The exciting part is that it's two houses down from his dad's house where he spent many years (not) growing up. This means we would know all our neighbors. It's out in the country and in a good school district. And he wants to sell now. He also said that if we couldn't have the closing for a few months he would be willing to let us rent it until we could. He's owned the house for 3 years and in that 3 years 90% of the floors have been replaced, all the insulation, new siding, new water lines, pump and hot water heater. New furnace, bathrooms were re-done, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths (one off master bedroom). There are only a few things I'm not sure of, there is no basement or attic, but there is a storage shed on the back and it's not the style house I pictured myself living in. I've always wanted a two story house. And the kicker is I don't know how we're going to get a down payment. I've spent so much time and money on getting things paid off that we don't have much in the bank that isn't already accounted for. We have to let the guy know by next week or he is going to go to a realtor. I'm just not sure what to do!


  1. Oooooh, house hunting. Sounds like you found a great house. I hope you can figure out things to be able to get it, and soon! I'm glad you are feeling better!!!

  2. Aww. Thanks Brandi ((hug))!

    I like the idea of "try before you buy." Make sure the house really works for you by renting it first. Sounds like its a great opportunity.

  3. Buying a house is soooo big, yet exciting. We were in the same boat with the down payment and (bite my tongue...) asked the parents for help.

    They did, and we did and we've lived here seven years and love it.

    Good luck and congrats on paying down all your debt - that is huge plus in the bankers eyes.


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