Thursday, October 2, 2008

So much going on!

Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. W. I'm not really sure what I think to be honest. She talks a lot about things I could really care less about, like her family history. Apparently her father cheated on her mother with his secretary. And now he's married to another woman with a 3 year old daughter. I'm sorry, but like you, I didn't need to know that. The appointment wasn't all that exciting. She did my exam, but forgot to take one of the swabs so she had to go in there twice. She was completely honest about the fact that she doesn't get overly excited for the woman until she is out of the 1st trimester, which is fine by me.

To my disappointment she normally only does one ultrasound at 20 weeks. I'm a little disheartened by that. Not that I want to an u/s every week, but I was hoping for once every month or two, just to make sure things are going normally. I'm sure if I talk to the nurse she would be willing to schedule me a few more if I start to get anxious.

She also said that due to my history with depression she will most likely put me on anti-depressants immediately after birth to prevent postpartum depression, which I'm fine with. I've always had a fear of that happening.

My uterus is tilted back so she wasn't able to find a heartbeat. This didn't worry her too much because my cervix is still fine and my uterus is the size it should be, plus the symptoms. She is having me come back next week though and if she still can't hear the heartbeat on the doppler she is going to send me for an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.

I think that's about it on the baby front. I'm feeling like crap today though.

In other news, I have an appointment with the loan officer at the bank today. She's going to see what we can do about getting a house. I'm really torn on this house that we looked at the other day. I think he is asking too much for it, especially being that it's a double wide and honestly they don't go up in value so it's like we are basically investing in the land. Plus it's not the type of house I really want, but it's nice. My thing is, what if we can't find another house that we can afford before the baby's due? I really want to move before then. And it seems like B is stuck on this house. I think it's mostly because it's right up next to his dad's. I just don't know... I guess a lot will depend on what the bank says today about what we can afford.

Anyone else have any advice?


  1. First appointments are always odd and I totally don't get how they decide when to do the u/s! My friend (due any day) had one at 8 wks then they wouldn't do another till birth...go figure!

    I say this (regarding BOTH your OB and the HOUSE issue): Search out what your gut feeling says! If something doesn't feel right, find another till the connection "clicks".

    Good luck!

  2. I was disappointed too with my first appointment cuz I was told that my first scan was gonna be at 12weeks!Couldn't believe it.

    About your house. I don't have any assvice. We're not exactly in the same boat. We just moved interstate so we're renting but we want to buy a house soon. However, we're worried if this pregnancy fails, IVF would be on the cards for us which means we'd need the $. So we're waiting out until the little Cookie is born before we decide to put our savings into a house.

    Anyway, hope you'll come to a decision that you'll be happy with.

    Lots of luck and love coming your way!


  3. Happy 10 weeks!!

    Your doc sounds sort of wack. Very strange personal history she gave... hmm.. ;-)

    Have you thought about going somewhere like fetal photos?

  4. Wow...not sure what to think of your dr?! Never heard of one waiting to be excited until later...even if that is the case, why say that to patients...especially to those expecting their first child! Maybe you should look into another dr. As for the house, remember that you are going to be there for a while, and you need to like it now, not later. It took me and DH a while to house because of what we were looking for and even now, we wish some things were different. (For example, we never realized there was no actual back door leading to the now we have to see about maybe remodeling in next years for that.)

    These are tough decisions and being pg doesn't make them easier. I know we waited until the time was right for us (had 2 bedroom duplex until found 4 bd, 2bath for 2 adults and 2 babies, plus step-daughter at times), and you don't want to jump the gun. Sometimes things that sound too good are usually not too good.

    Well, take care and talk soon. Hope your ms is better too. :)


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