Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today's Appointment!

Well today's appointment went great. B wasn't able to make the appointment because of work, so my mom and sister went with me for moral support. I got there right on time, but had to wait in the waiting room for a half hour. Then when I finally got called back I had to wait in the exam room for a half hour. It sucked cause I had to pee and I was starving. To the point of feeling sick when I left. Anyway, she started out by saying that if she wasn't able to find the heartbeat she was going to immediately send me downstairs for an ultrasound. In way knowing that I wouldn't have to wait any amount of time for the u/s made me hope my uterus was tilted just enough to not hear it. But after probably 5 minutes of searching she was able to find the faintest beat. Very fast though. She said at this point in the pregnancy all the heartbeats "are girls" and it won't slow down for another month or two. She also said she doesn't need to see me for another 4 weeks. She did say something disappointing though. She said that she will schedule an anatomy u/s around 18 to 20 weeks, but if they don't get to see the sex, then I have to wait til birth. That kinda bothers me.

In other news, I actually know what I want for dinner tonight, and I couldn't wait to get home and tell B. He hates having to pick dinner so I knew he'd be excited. Well I get home and he isn't there, but sent a text saying he was on his way home. Some how I knew before I even saw them that there was more than just him and M walking up the stairs. Sure enough, the new guy they work with was with them. I swear no one that works there has a fricken car. So I let them tell me their story about how their boss got in an accident with the work truck because there were bees in the truck (he's allergic) and he was trying to get them away and ended up running into a mail truck. He asked about the appointment (which I sat there thinking through his story that he better). Then he proceeded to tell me that he forgot to take his mussel loader to work for his buddy so he has to take it to him tonight and he needs to take M and the new guy to the store and then take the new guy home. I was so mad! Tuesday he bowls and then Wednesday his friend called so he ended up subbing for another bowling team. So the only time I've seen him since Monday is in the morning for 20 minutes. So last night when he left he promised me that tonight we'd rent a movie and spend time together. Well lo and behold, here I sit alone once again. His only saving grace is that his friend suggested that I get what I wanted for dinner to go. So I'm waiting for him to drop that off to me.

Of course I've had a rough two days at work, on my feet all day and it's taking its toll. Even my boss can tell. His wife stopped by today and apparently he must have said something at home about how tired just walking to the floor and back to my office is making me. This tiredness also of course contributed to me crying like a baby tonight. Made B feel like an ass though and that actually made me happy because he's constantly off with his buddies and doesn't have the ability to tell them no.

So here I sit, tired and miserable, and starving... Where's my food?!?!?!


  1. A heartbeat! That's so exciting! It must have been amazing!

  2. Aww, I am glad to hear that your appt went well. Its hard to believe that you are almost in your second trimester. Wow, time is going by so fast. Hopefully things will get better with your hubby, and you both can get a little alone time this weekend.


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