Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Less than 200

Check out my ticker, less than 200 days now! Still seems like forever though. I'm still praying for the day when I feel better. I think it's slowly getting better when I look back on the days, but during the day it doesn't seem it so much. Not to mention the headaches that are starting.

I went to the mall last night I broke down and bought my first pair of maternity pants and a couple sweaters. Now first let me say that the jeans I tried on were horrible. They made my ass look huge. Every pair I tried on were boot cut, and well with my body shape boot cut just doesn't cut it. Not to mention they were all too short. Apparently in order to get them in longs I have to be 2 sizes smaller! On the plus size, I did find a pair of black pants and they are sooo comfy! I'm wondering why I waited this long to get them. I think the beginning of next week I'm going to go to a thrift store and see what I can find. I hate to spend this much $ on new clothes I won't be wearing long.

On to my 4 hour pizza drive, I know you've all been holding your breathe just waiting to hear it. So after B leaving me home alone Saturday he promised me we would go to the Iron Kettle Farm on Sunday. So after doing some running around to get some extra $ to go, we take off. It was a beautiful sunny day and warm. He tells me the place is just out side of Ithaca. OK, not too far of a drive. So we drive and we turn onto 96 and we drive some more. Well finally we'd been driving for like an hour and I said "I thought this place was just outside of Ithaca?" He says, that's what I thought too. Well about a half hour later I'm starting to get hungry (not a good thing) so I get out our map. We'd been driving in the wrong direction for an hour. But I knew there was another town with food shops in it less than a half hour away. So we continued until we got to Waterloo. Then, being that we were already halfway around Cayuga Lake, we decided to just go the rest of the way around.

So there you have it, we had a 4 hour drive and the only thing we did was stop and get pizza! We had fun though. It was nice to have him to myself for all that time. Oh and it was fun to tell his buddy who's living with us what he did.

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  1. That's great! Only 199 days to go! I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Love the 4-hour-pizza-drive story. Glad it gave you two some time together at least. :)


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