Friday, September 19, 2008

1st Appointment

I had my first appointment today. It was with the nurse only though. It really wasn't anything too exciting, but I'm happy to be here at 8 weeks and the have the appointment done.

Some of the highlights are that she got me a prescription for Zofran because of feeling so sick and missing work because of it. She also told me that I need to eat more. Who's going to be disappointed with that? And the best news is that I have my first ultrasound next Tuesday. I really wanted to have it in the morning, but being that B goes to work (actually starts working) at 7 and they don't make the first appointment until 8, I decided to wait until 3 in the afternoon so that he can be there with me. I'm so excited. I can't wait to see Peanut! She did say under normal circumstances they wouldn't do an ultrasound yet, but being that I had a miscarriage it should help me relax and be more confident. I'm so glad she suggested it, cause if she hadn't I would have had to ask for one.

In other news, on my way home last night I got rear-ended. Peanut and I are fine, but the Jeep's bumper and tail lights on the driver's side aren't. I really need to get a hold of my insurance company, I just don't have the energy.


  1. YAY for an ultrasound! Glad everything went well. Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I totally bawled my eyes out during the ultrasound session. :)

    I can't wait to hear more about Peanut!

  3. congrats on the strong heartbeat. the u/s will be wonderful - it's amazing what you can see at only 8 weeks. Good luck. -ICLW

  4. I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks too, what a beautiful little picture...I cried from happiness. Heres hoping that you will too.



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