Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Trying

Not to be so miserable today, but I just can't help it. Friday and Saturday were so great, yesterday was ok, and today I'm just miserable.
Friday night my nephew spent the night at our house along with Mono's (they guy staying with us) son and daughter. Saturday morning B too Bubby (my nephew) out hunting with him. Bubby is 9 and just loved it. He looked so cute wearing this bright orange hoodie that went almost to his ankles. He got to see 3 deer and was so excited. I went to breakfast with my grandparents. And when I came home Mono says to me "Wow, you're looking pregnant today." In a weird way it made me feel good. In the afternoon my grandparents came back to visit. They brought some wonderful baby gifts. I'll have to take some pictures. She made the cutest little sweater with bonnet and booties. I watched some movies, and we went crib shopping when B got back from hunting. It was a great trip! My mom and her fiance went with us. We had dinner first and then off to Burlington Coat Factory. Let me just say I think their collection is amazing! This is what we're looking at...

The one with the scroll design is the one that B likes and we've seen in person. I'm partial to the one without the scroll, but I have to call a store and see if they have it on the showroom floor. I want to make sure we aren't driving 2 hours for nothing. And if not I'll ask them the important questions like what wood it's made out of and so on. They are made by the same company so I'm not worried about quality being an issue.
And B was so sweet all that night, hugging and kissing and rubbing my belly. I love it when we have nights like that. He doesn't show much emotion in public.
Yesterday was a good day for the most part. I hated being home all morning alone, except I got to watch Christmas movies so that was nice. Then the Bills won!!! We really needed that. After the game we went to my FIL's, its always nice to visit with them for a while. And we went home and basically went to bed. But I wasn't feeling well. It started out with some shooting pains in my stomach and then it became that terrible nauseating feeling. You know where your stomach just doesn't feel right and you have that gagging feeling in the back of your throat. So I couldn't fall asleep and that feeling is still here this morning.
And on top of that my house is a mess. I refuse to clean all day while B is out hunting. There is no reason he should get to "play" all weekend while I'm home cleaning. So as a result my kitchen is an absolute disaster and I'm upset about it. Not saying that I couldn't have cleaned it, but I shouldn't have had to!

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  1. Oooo! Furniture looks great. Glad you had a pretty good weekend. I'm hearing you on just being so dang tired!


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