Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much to Share

Well maybe not really. My head is quite foggy today and I can't seem to concentrate on anything, including writing a blog! So for my weekend... (the best parts at the the end!!!)

Friday night B was mostly wonderful. I got home and to my surprise he was fixing the vacuum cleaner (he's been promising to do this for 3 weeks now). The plan was to go buy one. So I sat in the chair to chit chat while he was working on it. But like the rest of the day I had too Pee again! Thing was, when I got out of the bathroom I found myself heading to "my bedroom" rather than back to the living room. I laid down and drifted in and out our consciousness for a while. I remember hearing a few things like the vacuum running and then not. Well after maybe a half hour I had to pee again. So I was awake. He comes in and says I want to show you something. I walk in the living room and the sweet man has rearranged it so that the couch is in front of the TV again. We had recliners there, but I hated them because it took the intimacy out of the time we spent together there. Then he informs he wanted to go spotlighting. That's why he was only mostly wonderful. He made me dinner and after I ate I was exhausted. He tucked me into bed about 8 and then went off to do his thing.

Saturday seemed terrible. I didn't feel like really doing anything, but I called my mom and talked her into going to the mall with me. I really needed to get out and at least get some walking in. So I told her I'd meet her at her house in an hour. So I get there and then had to wait another hour for her to be ready. I have to say I was quite annoyed. And after waiting that hour I was even more tired and miserable. So our time at the mall wasn't all that great. And then when Target didn't have the body pillows I really wanted to cry! It was my main purpose for going. But mom did buy my first package of diapers and I got some new awesome sheets! Of course when I'm about to cry over the pillows she says "Oh well they have them at Walmart" (Target is 30 minutes away from home, Walmart is 10 minutes). I refused to believe her because I was just as Walmart a week ago looking for them, and they were gone. So after an agonizing afternoon, that was at least good for my health I headed home. B got home shortly after and we went to dinner and then to WalMart, where I got the two most wonderful body pillows ever make. One side is like a microfiber and the other is like the crushed velvet feel. I love them!!! Oh and I finally got to sleep in my nice comfy king sized bed again. B was sleeping in the spare room, but I missed him so much that I felt like a little kid walking in there to lay with him. So I asked him to come back to our bedroom. I don't think he's contagious any more.

Sunday was typical. Relaxed in the morning and then Football at noon. B and I got in a fight after football because he wanted to road hunt on the way home and I didn't feel like it. I was just so mad that I cried and cried. Oh and it gave me the energy to do some dishes. By the time I was done I had finished crying and was just waiting for him to apologize for yelling at me and scaring the crap out of me while driving (I made him pull the car over). He was laying on the couch watching football so I went and got my book and sat in one of the recliners on the other side of the room. He offered a few times for me to lay down and I said no I was fine. Then he asked for the 4th time or so and finally I said "Do you want me over there with you?" and he said yes. He gave me a huge hug and said he was so sorry for being stupid and it won't happen again. After that it was a pretty good night.

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible headache. So I decided to stay home from work. I was going to do some wash and what not. But as the day went on I realized that any time I stood up longer than to walk to the end of the bed my head started throbbing. So needless to say, I didn't get out of bed much. B was great and waited on me though and even went to the store for the stuff I was craving. On an absolutely wonderful note I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday!!! It was like a few bubbles popping on the inside of my tummy, near the top of my uterus. It was amazing and I can't wait to feel it again. And I know it wasn't gas cause I can feel that move, these ones didn't move. Boy I can't wait til it's a consistent thing!

Anyway I'm back to work today and still feeling quite foggy. I think I remembered everything though!

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  1. AWWWW!! You felt the baby!!! Congratulations!!


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