Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tiring Weekend

Well I haven't updated in several days. It was a long tiring weekend.

Friday night when I got home from work I was exhausted so I tried to nap, but every time I would start to fall asleep something would wake me up. Then I started to get hungry. So we went out to eat and then shopping. I wanted a body pillow so bad, but no where in town seems to have them. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. I did get a puzzle to work on though, not that I need any more useless projects, but I like puzzles. So when I got home I started working on the puzzle.

Saturday I was actually able to sleep a bit in the morning. My sister had Family weekend at school so around noon I headed to Syracuse. We ate lunch and around 3 we started walking to all the places she wanted to show us. I think it was about 5 when we finally stopped. And I was so glad! The exercise felt good but all the walking was giving me cramps and my back started to hurt. So for about an hour we sat around, me waiting for B to get there. Then about 6 we started walking to the dome to watch the football game. By half-time I was so sore I couldn't take it. I waited for the game to start again and we headed home. I felt bad leaving early, but I just couldn't take it any more. I passed right out when I got home and only woke up once in the night. I was even able to sleep until 8am, I can't remember the last time I did that.

Sunday obviously started out nice with some extra sleep. I worked on my puzzle and made some breakfast. Around 12:30 B came home from hunting and we went to football. Which pretty much sucked. Mainly because B was drinking fast and then Buffalo started losing so he got miserable and argumentative. After that we went to his dad's for dinner. It was pretty nice. I fell asleep in the chair after dinner and then when we got home I went right to bed.

Monday was ok until I got home. B is so sick that when he got out of work he decided to go home and sleep rather than go hunting. He basically slept all afternoon, all evening and all night. This meant that I had the task of cleaning his crap out of the spare room so that I could sleep on the futon. I was so mad at him cause he's been promising me he'd clean it for weeks. And I ended up having to do it. He's lucky I didn't pull anything moving computer monitors (not the nice flat ones)! So then I ended up having to sleep on the crappy futon mattress cause our house guests have the good one. I did manage to get the memory foam topper from them though. I didn't really care if it was rude to ask. Then I even has to double up a comforter to sleep on to get the bed soft enough that I couldn't feel the wood under the mattress. And thankfully I had the brilliant idea to bring in my laptop to watch a DVD on (I always have the TV on when I fall asleep). SO this morning I'm a little cranky!

On the plus side, I'm getting my hair cut today and I just can't wait! It hasn't been done since April!!!


  1. I'm getting my haircut too - today!

  2. Sounds like a crazy up and down emotionally driven weekend for you. Are you gonna post pics of your new fancy hair cut?! I wanna see!!!!
    Sending you some extra hugs!


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