Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping me on my toes...

So I got out of work early yesterday to go get my hair done. And then I was off to get my blood drawn. That surprisingly only took about 5 minutes including parking the car. After that I headed home where B was getting ready for bowling. I decided to go to subway cause I was hungry. This was about 4. Around 5:30 I was feeling exhausted so I went to lay down in my new room (the spare room with the crappy futon). I was laying there catching up on some board reading and all of a sudden I started getting these sharp pains in my cervix area. Not really the normal stretching cramps I've been getting. So I call my OB office and to my surprise some one answered. ML (my midwife) wasn't there, but the receptionist got her on the line and called me back and patched me through. I couldn't believe it, my old Dr. I would have just had to wait til morning! So anyway, I explain the feeling and that I can't tell if my cm has a brownish tint or if it's just a really dark yellow. She says "I want you to go to the ER and have them do an u/s just to be safe." On the one hand I was relieved that she is so proactive, on the other hand hearing her say go to the ER scared the crap out of me.

So I called my mom and we headed to the ER. I was pretty impressed there with how quickly they got me in. No waiting until I was in the room. And then I didn't have to wait long before the tech came in to do the u/s. All I can say is it was amazing! My little one had a nice hb of 156 bpm. The tech said that was good even though it's lower than the previous ones because of being farther along. s/he was moving around so much it was hard for the tech to get some measurements, but that was fine with me cause it meant I got to watch longer. The tech was great, she pointed out everything, arms, legs, heart, kidneys, bladder, everything. And she even tried to find the sex, but Peanut had it's legs closed. And she said it'd be nothing but a guess anyway. The doctor on duty said that he couldn't see any signs of a problem, but that the placenta is growing very close to the cervix and the ML will want to keep an eye on that. He didn't really explain anything more on that so I'm guess it just means that if it gets too close or grows over I'll need a c-section. I hope not, but I'll have to deal if I do. With that he discharged me with a diagnosis of a threatened miscarriage after reassuring me that it's just for safety measures and he thinks everything is fine. He said most likely the pain was caused by the baby pushing on the cervix and if it's starting now I will probably get all through the pregnancy like his wife. So yeah, more scary pain to come!

So here I am today, tired and waiting to call ML to set up an appointment.

PS - Sorry I didn't even think about taking a pic of my hair. I'll do that tomorrow


  1. Oh wow, what a scare! Glad everything is fine and you got a peak at your little Peanut.
    Take it easy today.

  2. *phew* Im so glad everything is okay!

    Glad you got to see you LO!!

  3. Any time my doc said ER I felt a dual emotion rush of FEAR and RELIEF. I totally get you!!

    Glad all is well...and MOVE PLACENTA MOVE!


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