Thursday, January 22, 2009

Double Digits!

First thing first... I want everyone to send my friend Dawn the best of luck! She had her first Transfer today after her 3rd retrieval. I've got everything crossed for you and I'm sending you all the sticky baby dust I have left!

As for exciting news for me, if Lillian arrives on time I only have 99 days left!!! I can't believe I'm in the double digits.

Also in exciting news, I went and picked up the paint for her room after work yesterday, and B did all the priming yesterday afternoon! I'm so excited. B is going to work on painting this weekend! Of course I can't help because the smell is just too much for me, but I think B is actually glad because that means he's doing something by himself for her. He was actually teasing me last night cause I can't help and he gets to do it all! I have to say I found it cute.

And boy has she been active. 4 this morning she was having a little dance party in there I think and she pretty much hasn't stopped squirming off and on since then, it's been almost 4 hours!

I've definitely lost all memory that I had. Last night while at the grocery store the one thing B actually said he needed was sugar. What did I forget? Yup, you guessed it, Sugar! And then this morning he was getting in the shower as I was getting ready to leave and he asked me to please leave him money on the table for lunch, and what did I forget to do? Right again, leave money on the table for his lunch. And when did I remember? As I was pulling into my parking lot at work! Good thing he's working close today so that we can meet up for lunch if we have to.

I don't think there is much else going on. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!

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  1. Yay for the double digits!! I am so excited to be in mine as well!


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