Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh My Aching...

HIPS!!! Holy crap, I woke up yesterday morning about in tears! Saturday I went to the mall with my sister for a few hours and walked around, but sat any time I felt tired. My hip started to ache a little before we left, but felt fine on the way home (an hour drive). When I got home it was ok, but progressively got worse. Then in the middle of the night both hips were sore. When I woke up in the morning I had to get out of bed right away cause they were so sore. B was wonderful and drew a nice warm bath for me. That seemed to help until I got out. We later went to my MIL to watch the NFL Playoff games and let me say it was torture. Not the games, but sitting around. After a while I got up and walked around. I don't even know how many miles I put on walking around the kitchen/dining room/living room. Thank god it's all one big room. Today so far isn't too bad, but my hip is already starting to ache and I've only been sitting here for 40 minutes. I really hope I can take care of this by doing some yoga!

Not much else really going on. I'm back to work this week and wishing I wasn't, but at the same time I'm glad cause I really wasn't getting much done at home. And with me being at home B wasn't getting much done either. Hopefully now that I'm back to work he can get the basement cleaned out so we can start painting Lilly's room!

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  1. OH MY !! I am totally with you on hip pain. My hip kills me in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep on my side.

    You'll have to keep me posted on if the Yoga helps!


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