Friday, January 9, 2009

24 Weeks, Appointment, Pictures...

This could get long. I did call the OB about the pains I was having on Wednesday and the nurse told me it was dehydration. I didn't agree, but let it slide, I was feeling better and had an appointment on Thursday anyway.
At my appointment we talked about my pains on Thursday and well, I was right, I wasn't dehydrated, but it was strong round ligament pain and resting was probably good. I also mentioned to her that my underwear has been damp today but I haven't noticed any discharge when wiping so she did an internal and everything is fine, just a little bacteria. She also told me that my due date was changed from May 1 to May 5 based on my 20 week u/s. Then she measured me, and I'm measuring big at 27! This surprised her, especially being that Lilly was measuring 4 days less at the u/s so she immediately said I'm ordering an u/s to check fluids and everything. So guess what, I got an u/s too and I'm so glad I said I'd stay and do it right after the appointment because the tech wasn't busy so she did a lot of playing around with the 3d and she printed me 9 pictures! the 3d ones didn't turn out great, but I can't wait to share them with you none the less. She actually cute the pictures up for me and had me put them in my purse cause she isn't supposed to use that much paper on one patient. She also said she still stands by her being a girl and I definitely am convinced I'm pretty sure I saw the 3 lines. And I actually got to see her sucking her thumb again. She didn't really want her picture taken though cause she kept putting her hands in from of her face. The tech also said she weighs 1.5lbs, in the 64th% which is great! So I'm very happy.
In the next week I'll be making an appointment for a hospital tour, I'm pretty excited about that. And I also plan on working on Lilly's room this weekend so maybe I can get some more pictures up.
I'll leave you with these...


  1. Check out those little hands! How cute!

    I had read some of those round ligament pains can be intense. I'm it wasn't anything serious.

  2. The pictures are so cute! It's wonderful!


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