Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Survived

That's right, Lillian is now 1 Year 5 days old and I am still alive! 

Yesterday was her 1 year well child visit and all I can say is that her daddy will be taking her to her 2 year appointment.  Watching her get shots is bad enough, but watching her get her blood drawn was terrible for me.  I don't even like to see adults get needles.  Anyway..

21 lb 4 oz
29.75 inches

Both are average and right on track.  Doctor said she's perfect and well taken care of.

Now for the fun stuff... her birthday party.  It was supposed to be 70 that day, but between the clouds and the wind it certainly didn't feel it.  She only took a half hour nap that morning so I was afraid she was going to be very cranky, but she did well.  We ended up with 50 people attending and everyone said they had fun.  Pictures are below!
 This is my favorite picture

And I love this one of her playing with her Tutu

The only photo us that I like
She wanted to use this sippy immediately!
She was really into opening her presents...

 Lillian's cake!

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  1. What a fun little party! That picture of the two of you is beautiful!


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