Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The sad side

Along with the wonderful news yesterday of my friends pregnancy came the realization that there is one of us still waiting.

See back in Sept. 07 I joined the "What to Expect" Trying to Conceive forum. Upon joining I made some wonderful acquaintances and some even more wonderful friends. We had a tight knit group that went through a lot of ups and downs. Along with me a few of the girls suffered from miscarriage, some of them more than one. Others just needed a little boost in egg production, and a few other needed IUIs and IVF. 2009 has been a great year for all of us, except the one girl with the "Perfect Cycles". Every month we'd look at her charts and think wow, you timed things perfectly and this has to be it. But month after month she was disappointed. And sadly 2 years later she is still getting disappointed, she is suffering from male infertility. Her first IVF failed and she has just started her first FET.

Even though she is so happy for the rest of us her heart is still aching and she is feeling alone. I can understand that. I'm not going to pretend I know what its like to go through IVF or the thought of it never working, but my heart aches for her.
Please keep Murgdan in you prayers, thoughts, or whatever your preference, she could use some support right now. And she was always the one to lift us up when we were down.

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