Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 Months Old

I can't believe Lillian is now 4 months old!

Length: 25 inches (approximately 1.5 in from last month, 85%)
Weight: 14lbs 12oz (up 2lb 9oz from last month, 78%)

Lillian is learning and improving new skills every day.
  • She can now roll from her belly to her back, but only when she wants to, and she's trying hard to go from her back to her belly
  • She can now put her binkie in her mouth by herself (as long as its the right way in her hand), but finds it easier to just grab it with her mouth whenever possible.
  • She is really improving her eye hand coordination and grabbing on to things quite well.
  • She lets me know when she's ready to be put in her crib at night. We read stories and then rock and when she's ready she turns to me, whines a little and tries to stretch out, that's when it's time to be laid down.
  • She now enjoys the shower head in the tub, she actually grabs for the running water.
  • She went swimming for the first time this month
  • And she started teething this month, but nothing has popped through yet.

I really can't believe we are a quarter of the way through her first year of life. She still has very little interest in sitting, but loves to stand and will make sure you know it. At her appointment the pediatrician said it is ok to start her on cereal once a day, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. She certainly isn't starving on just the breast milk so I think we will wait a little longer for the cereals.

Here are a few shots of her beautiful smile that I caught on Sunday, which I will blog more about at a later date...

PS~ Let me know what you think of the new design and if the text is hard to read or not.


  1. Hey Brandi. It's great to read about how well Lillian is doing, and I'm glad you're doing better as well. I also can't believe how fast time has flown by. My "little" Nora is so long she has to wear 6 months rompers.

    On a more practical note, I do find the text a little hard to read with the new design. Perhaps if it were in black?

    Good luck. Hope all continues to go well.

  2. I love the new look but in some spots near the edge whre the pink is it is alil harder to see you might want to go with another darker color so it stands out more. i can't beleive it's been 4 months already. The cerals won't hurt her and she may get fuller faster and sleep alil longer. She's a beautiful girl!!


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