Friday, August 14, 2009

Giant Leaps

Yup that's right, we made some major improvements last night, or at least the beginning of some.
My grandparents came over for dinner so this may be part of the reason for such a great night, but that's ok. When I got home I picked up as long as I could before Lillian insisted on being fed. While I fed her B did the dishes, ran to the store and showered. We had a great time visiting with my grandparents and his mom who stopped by. About 7:30 everyone was gone and Lillian was ready to eat again. He actually sat in the living room talking with me while I fed her! Then I suggested that he help me give her a bath, he said ok.
So I took her in her room and he came in and I said why don't you get her undressed (he hates doing anything with her head) He said I really don't like to and I told him well it's that or start running the water. He said I'll do that until I mentioned "I thought you'd be too afraid you'd burn her." He said "You're right, it would probably be too cold, I'll get her undressed". And not surprisingly he did just fine. He brought her in and I was sitting on the side of the tub and he acted like he was going to give her to me. I said go ahead and lay her down, it's just like laying her anywhere else. And he was like "I thought I'd just watch." I said "You can do this, it's not that hard." And he ended up giving his first bath. I actually think he was proud when he was done. I know I was!
Even if he doesn't do these things every night, I think it's important for him to know that he can and to not be afraid to do it.
Starting last Sunday Lillian has started screaming at night when we sit in the rocker to go to bed. She calms some if I get up and walk with her. At first I thought it was from the not pooping, but she has gone at least once a day everyday since Monday and is still acting like this at night. Then I thought, maybe it's the teething. But last night she was absolutely fine until I turned the lights down and sat in the chair. So I decided to try laying her on her play mat. This made her very happy. So basically she just didn't want to go to bed. I let her play for about 15 minutes and then decided that if she wanted to play she could do it in her crib. I put her in her crib, turned on the mobile and left her there. She watched the mobile and stared at her bumper (that she loves) and 20 minutes later she wined that she lost her Binky and wanted to be on her stomach. So I helped her, turned on her seahorse and she was out in 5 minutes! I'm going to try and let her put herself to sleep tonight.
And I got my CD of pics from Penny's yesterday, I'm going to restrict myself from posting them all at once, so here's a taste of my little sweet thing...

Can you believe it was her nap time?


  1. The pics came out awesome!!! She's such a sweet lil girl! I'm glad you had a good night lastnight and I hope they continue, thats the kinda family time you two need, makes it easier when it's just not you doing everything.

  2. She looks absolutely adorable in her pictures! I can't wait to see more =)

    I'm so happy that B helped out last night. Baby steps


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