Thursday, August 20, 2009

Loose Ends

Not to much to write about today, same old, same old. Well I guess it's not really old, but it's the same as yesterday. I found that the two things that work best for her teeth is the frozen binkie and anything active. If we walk around with her she's happy, if we put her in her exersaucer she's happy long enough to shove some food in my mouth, and I'm happy with that!

We watch the Bee movie last night and though I can't stand the sound of Jerry Seinfeld's voice it was a pretty cute movie, and Lillian loved all the yellow and black. I'm a little worried we are getting back into the habit of fall asleep on mommy's boob again so we're going to have to work on that tonight.
On the daycare front I stopped at the center a few blocks from my house and they are currently full, but the lady said that she would put me at the top of the list because I need the care ASAP. It sounded like the others on the list don't need it for a while. There is one lady that is finding out how long her husband is going to be laid off before she take the baby out. I hate to sound mean and normally I would never wish some one to be laid off for long, but in this case I'm (not so) secretly hoping it long enough for her to take the baby out of day care.

Well I didn't really tie up any loose ends, but there's the update on all the things going on...

This is what the heat does to my little girl...

I really wish I had remembered my camera cause she looked so cute and the phone pictures just aren't the same

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