Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Exciting

So today's post is on the total opposite end of the spectrum from yesterday. The most amazing thing happened last night. . . I felt the baby move from the outside!!! I felt it a few times and then I called B in the room and he felt it too! The little one kicked 4 or 5 times, it was amazing. B only got to feel it once and I said "did you feel it?" He says "Well I think so, something moved." All I could think was "Well what else is going to make my stomach move like that? I just can't believe it, I've been waiting for it to happen and it finally did. I really thought I was going to be a good 22 weeks before that happened.

Not much else going on, I finished all the decorating last night except the tree, which we still don't have! I swear I'm going to move those damn recliners by myself! I did talk B into giving them to our house guests when they move out though. We really have no need for them especially when we are going to need room for a pack-n-play in the living room.

OK so that's about it.

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