Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling Good

I have to say I've been feeling great! With the exception of some aches and pains. Mentally I'm feeling great! I'm excited for Christmas, especially being that I have everything pretty much done and ready. I'm not stressing over anything! All my wrapping will be done by tomorrow night when B is at bowling (his is the only stuff left, and there are only a few of them)! Then Wednesday night I have to sort all the gifts based on what house we are taking them to, but that's not the hard part, finding something to take them in is always the pain is the butt! One last stop today to get some picture frames and a shirt for my dad and we're all set!

My physical pains aren't really that bad, just slightly inhibiting. I can tell my pelvis is widening because it was very painful Saturday while walking around the mall. Especially my hip and lower back. And then yesterday I keep getting a sharp pain on the inside of my thigh, but it seems to be gone today. B was great about it and made me rest. He actually yelled at me when I protested because laundry needed to be done. May sound weird but I liked it.

Oh yeah and Buffalo finally won another game yesterday!!! And Lilly seems to be getting used to all the yelling that Mommy does. I'm glad I read that babies that hear things like dogs barking and loud noises while in the womb tend to sleep through it better when they are born. Cause she'll definitely be at football with us and well, there's no quieting us down!

Hope you are all enjoying things like I am today! And if you want a good laugh head on over to my good friend Cindy's blog!

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