Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Stuff

Losing my mind ~ you know when you are trying to get pregnant and it's frustrating you and you hear these pregnant women complaining about "pregnancy brain" you just laugh and think "whatever". Well I have come to the conclusion that it really does exist. I'm not really complaining about it cause if that's the worst thing effecting me right now, I'm doing great! But the fact that I now heavily rely on spell check because I can't remember how to spell simple words like niece (is it ie or ei?) or remember my poor niece's name just drives me insane some times. B cracked up the other day when I asked him how to spell niece. See normally I'm a very good speller and he is constantly asking me.

Sleeplessness ~ This has become a major issue in my mind, but not so much physically... yet. Saturday night I went to sleep around 9:30 and woke up about 1. I lay in bed for 45 minutes tossing and turning and decide to get up and watch TV on the couch. I didn't want to wake B cause he was getting up early to hunt. Well finally around 5 I start to doze off again. But that was when B woke up, realized I was gone and panicked. He came looking for me and scolded me for not just staying in bed and turning on the TV, I can't win. So anyway, he took me back into bed and rubber my back to help me fall asleep. Then he got up to let the dogs out. I still couldn't sleep. I think around 7 I finally fell back asleep for 2 hours, if that, and it was restless sleep. I never napped all day and still had trouble falling asleep last night. Finally around 11 I think I passed out, only to wake up 5. I'm tired and yawning now, but I don't think I could actually sleep if I laid down. I thought this wasn't supposed to come until the 3rd trimester when you're so uncomfortable?

The Nursery ~ Here is a picture of the nursery bedding we've picked out. I just love the pink and white and different textures. I think we might go with paint the color of the green in the blanket, but we haven't decided yet. Let me know what you think...

Well I now have lots of updating to do on my blog design. Maybe I'll do some work today too...

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  1. I lost my mind when I was pregnant, too. One of my friends got int he shower with her panties ON when she was pregnant. She just forgot about It'll come back, I promise. I know it's frustrating, but that beautiful baby girl needs ALL your blood to help her grow!

    I didn't really have any trouble sleeping, probably because I cried all freaking day..Maybe try a bath?

    The bedding is cute! Are you doing the whole line or just the bedding? I really like the green color of the wall. It's a nice neutral color you can add onto later, as she grows.

    OK, I'm done with my novel of a comment ;o) Have a GREAT day!


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