Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Excited!

First I want to say Congratulations to my friend Heather who just had her little girl! She doesn't have a blog for me to link to, but she's been great support for me while TTC and worrying about a miscarriage. Congrats B and Heather!!!

I'm so excited for the holiday to get here and be gone. Besides Thanksgiving it's one of my favorite days of the year. We get to see everyone and they're all in such a good mood! And I hate opening the gifts cause I just love a Christmas tree with pretty presents sitting under it. But this year I think most of my excitement comes from wanting to buy stuff for my little Lillian. See at this point my mom has hinted that she may be getting the crib for us for Christmas so I don't want to run out and buy one until I know. And I feel so rushed right now. Lilly's room is a disaster with her father's hunting stuff and my clothes and extra computers that we never use. Well that's not true, we use the one because it's the only one with a printer. So at the moment I feel really unorganized and the week after Christmas is when every thing is going to get started. I have the week off and we are going to get some major work done!

And of course our house guests are contributing to the fact that nothing is getting done because their "room", our basement, is where the computer and desks and stuff are going. And they should be moving out the week after Christmas too! Not that they are moving far, they rented the apartment right below us! Right now B is helping them with the cleaning and work that needs to be done before they move in, but based on what B says the plan is, they should be done with the next week or so. Oh I just can't wait to get started. I should really be working, but I think I may work on my registry a little this morning!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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  1. Gosh, I bet it will be soo nice to get your house back and to get started to the nursery! :D


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