Monday, December 8, 2008

Rants and More Rants

Well my weekend started off terrible! Friday night B was a JERK. He had his "Christmas Party", everyone he worked with met at the bar. Some party, anyway the plan was he wasn't going to stay long so I was to go shopping and pick him up at 6:30, then we were going to go to dinner. Well at 6:30 I go to pick him up and he decides he's having fun. And everyone wanted to go to a different bar to get pizza and wings. It was right down the road so I said ok. On the way I told him I don't plan on being out late. So we're at the other bar for like 2 hours and it's 9 and me and his bosses wife are bored. And I start not to feel good. Of course B is feeling great after shots and who knows how many beers. Well his coworkers start talking about going to another bar. He says to me "want to go?" And I was shocked. I had just got done telling him I wasn't feeling well and that I wanted to go home. So then he says well I can get a ride home. Well it might have been selfish of me, but I basically made it very clear to everyone there that I was mad and he should be coming home with me. I told him it was up to him to decided what he wanted to do. He says "well I don't want you to be mad at me." So I said "Well you probably shouldn't go then." Well he decided to go, until I called him and said "Why can't you just come home?" Of course after that he was the biggest jerk ever. Saying things just to hurt my feelings. Telling me that my mom was going to have to pay $100 for venison and how if I didn't get the futon moved by the time he was done hunting Saturday that he was going to smash it and all this other crap. It really hurt. All cause he doesn't know when enough is enough. And of course Saturday morning he didn't remember most of it.

So I spent most of Saturday by myself which gave me time to think about what happened Friday night. Which made me so mad most of the day. I did manage to clean out some more boxes from the basement though and get a bunch of Christmas shopping done. I've condensed 4 boxes from the basement into 2! And I only have a few people left to shop for! When B came home he was all sweet and lovey. Not in a suck up way, but in his normal way and it felt so good that after telling him he was a jerk the night before and that we will be talking about it, I let it go for a while. I didn't want to ruin what I needed at the moment. He even watched Christmas movies with me! He never watches Christmas movies.

Sunday was full of frustration. Our futon was supposed to be picked up at 10am, but the kid never showed up til 2pm. And because of that we couldn't get our tree. We needed futon 1 gone, so we could move futon 2 to it's location so we can move the recliners from the living room to where futon 2 was. That way we'd have room for the Christmas tree. Not that any of you really cared about that. So I was a little upset cause now I have to wait til probably Wednesday. Also as I was putting up the rest of our decorations I started getting weak and dizzy. I'd have to lay down every few minutes so I didn't pass out. Oh and the Bills lost, once again. Terrible coaching! On the plus side, we got our stroller! Maybe I'll put it together tonight or tomorrow.

As for today, besides the cold it's going pretty good. I swore I was going to get work done today being that I'm only working a 3 day week, but I haven't. Well that's not totally true, I've gotten more than usual done, just not as much as I hoped.

My belly has been feeling much fuller lately, kinda heavy and starting to feel stretched. And my stretch marks are gross. Nice and purple. DH was nice and tried to say they looked like dark veins, but you can't fool me!

Don't forget, only two more days to vote on Boy or Girl!

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