Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hump Day

I'm so glad this week is about half over. Well, I'm glad until I start thinking about the fact that it's one less week I have to do Christmas shopping and what not. Do you know how many people I've bought for? 1! Do you know how many people I know what I'm getting them? 4 and that's only because they are all getting the same general thing. I just have no ambition this year. I can't wait to wrap, cause I love that part, but I have no idea what to buy. Not to mention we don't have much to spend, I don't even know if we are getting bonuses this year.

On the plus side of things these day, last night I started going through a few boxes in our basement. I figure if I go through 2 a night I'll have it done in no time. And the two I went through last night were a piece of cake. The first one had mostly my mom's stuff in it so I'm returning it to her (I swear she just wanted me to store things for her when I moved out). And the second was a box of already sorted garbage that never got thrown away last time!

Here's a question for you, do you keep old diaries?

Also on a happy note, my MIL ordered the stroller! I'm really excited to get it now.

Only 9 days left to vote on the sex of the baby!

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  1. I don't keep a diary. But in general (because I move/travel sooo much) I don't keep anything.

    Yippee for the stroller!!! I think I might buy Nate our stroller for Christmas ;-)

    Our gender ultrasound is soooo close!!! YAY!


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