Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time for Change

I need to make some changes.  Things feel so unsettled in my life right now that I'm not sure where to begin.

I know for one thing, Lillian and I both need to start eating healthier.  I've been feeling this way since Delaney was only a few weeks old.  Its a good thing I started running again when I did because I'm pretty sure I would have gained some weight back.  I'm holding steady around 214 right now and that just isn't acceptable.  Especially since I'm running a minimum of 6 miles a week.  I mean, its not much, but it is exercise!

Lillian and Delaney had their well child visits yesterday...

Delaney: 2 Months
Height: 24.5" (above 95%)
Weight: 13lb 6oz (above 95%)

As if they don't grow fast enough!  My friend had her baby girl 6 days before me (she was due the day before me) and she is only 21.5" and 9lbs something.  That's barely what Delaney was when she was born!  I won't lie, I'm jealous of her small baby.

Lillian: 3 Years
Height: 36.5"
Weight: 35.5"

This has her doctor a little worried.  Her BMI is increasing every visit and that isn't good.  When I looked it up on the Mayo.Clinic site yesterday I found that if you put her in as 3 feet she's considered obese and if you put her in as 3'1" she is over weight.  So basically for a 3 year old girl she is on the verge of being obese.  This broke my heart.

So besides getting our eating habits changed, I need to figure out a way to communicate better with my husband.  We have definitely been having a break down late and while we are calmly mentioning things here and there and some what resolving them, we really need to sit down and have a serious talk about things without be interrupted by a 3 year old.  Especially since I think this talk will help relieve some of my stress.  Especially when some of that stress is caused by the condition of my house.  IT IS A MESS!!!  Clothes (at least most of them are clean piles) all over, toys all over, just random stuff all over.  And I can't even tell you how bad the sheets on my bed need to be changed, but I haven't had the time.  It never even crosses my mind until it's time to go to bed!

And speaking of not enough time, I better get some work done.  I've had this window open for 2 hours now trying to get this posted!

The new bath routine includes both of them in the tub!

She's smiling a lot these days!

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