Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Lillian doesn't have it yet, but there is a good chance she will :(  Both of the boys at her sitter came down with the rash on their hands yesterday and by this morning they both had sores in their mouths.

Its times like these that show me the down falls of having a stay at home mom for a sitter.  While there are few disadvantages for me, this is a BIG one.  Normally at a day care the child would be sent home and not able to return until better.  Well, when the place is their home, that can't really happen.  From the reading I did quickly this morning, hfmd is a virus (like a cold) and some people carrying it may not even have symptoms while other have symptoms of rashes and fevers and can be contagious for weeks after the symptoms are gone!

I had to make a decision on the fly this morning about taking Lillian to the sitter or keeping her home.  After reading that the kids could be contagious for weeks I decided to take her.  May have been the wrong decision and she may get it, but I can't take a week, let alone weeks off from work.

Now the trouble will be keeping her away from baby sister.  There will be lots of hand washing going on in our house for the next month, that's for sure!

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