Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things For Me

Emotionally I'm feeling much better.  This week has been much smoother and I feel like B is listening to me more.  He's also been doing a great job working on having more patience.  I think even Lillian seems to be reacting pretty well to the changes.  I've been doing some things for myself lately and I feel like they are paying off!

I started the C25K program.  I actually started this when Delaney was only 2 weeks old and I've stuck with it. I am currently one day behind my "schedule" for it, but I can't do anything about my little girl being sick and wanting her mommy.  I skipped the run yesterday morning to lay with and comfort her, but I got right up and did my run this morning.  I may have to set my alarm for 3:30 in order to get my run in and not feel rushed the rest of the morning.  In my eyes totally worth it!

I've started using My Fitness Pal again.  While running was helping me, it wasn't helping me lose any weight.  I was stuck.  So I started tracking my food again last Wednesday, May 2, and I have already lost 6 lbs!  I'm not expecting most weeks to be like that just for the fact that when I had my little break down last week I couldn't eat anything.

To most this may not seem like a big deal, but I haven't worn a hoodie to work since I came back from maternity leave.  Around here they are pretty relaxes about the dress code, and since I'm the only girl and pretty much have no interaction with customers they didn't care what I wore as long as it wasn't too revealing and met all our safety regulations.  Most days this consisted of just jeans a T-shirt and a hoodie.  I LOVE my hoodies and they are the first thing I think of on cool days, tired days, emotional days, stressed days, ok, just about any kind of day.  It has take a lot of effort on my part (especially since I'm not happy with my body) to find an outfit every morning that doesn't include a hoodie.  Oh and by the way, I tend to freeze in the office, that's how I started wearing them to work to begin with. But we are going on 3 weeks now and I feel pride over that.

For now, this is it.  I'm changing things little by little and it's having a BIG effect!

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  1. Could for you Brandi! A happy mommy makes happy children so mommy has to take good care of herself.


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